7 Pokemon Fan Games You Need to Play

March 28, 2023 • Devin Partida


Though Pokemon came out decades ago, it’s still one of the strongest franchises in history. With over 350 million games sold, Pokemon is a series loved by those who played it from the beginning and players who just got into the series. The games have inspired other sorts of monster-collecting games, and quite a few talented creators have made Pokemon fan games. Here are some must-plays for any Pokemon fan waiting for the next release.

1. Pokemon Uranium

This game might just be the most famous Pokemon fan game to date. Pokemon Uranium is set in a brand-new region with several all-new Pokemon (often called “Fakemon” because they are original creations and not legitimate Pokemon), including a new “Nuclear” type to add to the roster of typings. It effectively acts as a whole new generation, and since it mirrors the main line of Pokemon games, it’s the perfect thing to play while waiting for the next release.

2. Pokemon Insurgence

Pokemon Insurgence is another well-known fangame with several new features. Though it takes place in a new region, you’ll see many of your old favorite Pokemon — including new Mega forms. This game also adds a new feature, giving some of your favorite Pokemon a makeover with the Delta Species variant. You can also set this game to one of several challenge modes, making your experience even more fun.

3. Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is another fan-made Pokemon game that centers around Ho-Oh as its main Legendary Pokemon. It’s an episodic game with impressive art and design. This neat Pokemon fan game features choice-determined gameplay, keeping you on your toes by showing you that your choices matter. You can also see new Mega Evolutions for Pokemon, like Arcanine and Flygon!

4. Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky is a ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald, meaning that it used the existing game as a starting point rather than building the game from the ground up. The expansive Pokedex features Pokemon from Generation 5 and earlier and many new mechanics that will give you a fresh perspective of a traditional Pokemon game.

5. Pokemon Reborn

Featuring content from games up to Generation 7, Pokemon Reborn is a revolutionary Pokemon fan game that features 100+ hours of playtime. It features a brand-new map and a cast of characters that any player will enjoy. All 21 starters up to Generation 7 are featured in the game, and you also have the option to battle and trade online with other people. Overall, this game has a story-driven challenge that will make you want to explore every inch of the unique, beautiful world.

6. Pokemon Radical Red

A ROM hack of Pokemon FireRed, this game is a more difficult version of a Pokemon game. It was released relatively recently, in 2020, so it has up-to-date mechanics and even some improved AI to make battles much harder. The Elite Four members each have a Legendary Pokemon, which ups the stakes of their battles. It introduces new abilities and factors IVs into the main game to help you throughout your playthrough. 

7. Pokemon Emerald Kaizo

If the other games weren’t enough of a challenge for you, try out the Pokemon fan game known as the hardest Pokemon game to date. All of the NPCs have been programmed to be as ruthless as possible, knowing competitive movesets and other moves that will make it a proper challenge for you.

You can make the challenge even more difficult by making it a Nuzlocke challenge. In a game where just one misclick can ruin your entire plan, a Nuzlocke — in which Pokemon can’t be used again when they faint in battle — can make it that much more difficult. Some redesigns include adding tall grass in areas it isn’t in the original Pokemon Emerald. That way, you can easily find replacements for your team if you’re running a Nuzlocke.

These Pokemon Fan Games Have It All

So many Pokemon fan games exist online, but these are some of the most impressive ones. If you want to spend time taking on a new adventure while you’re waiting for information on the latest games, try these fan games out. They’ll keep you entertained with new Pokemon, forms, regions and Gyms. You may even play through a new storyline that will keep you wanting more from the main line of Pokemon games.