The 13 Most Breathtaking Windows 10 Themes

June 17, 2022 • Zachary Amos


The best Windows 10 themes continue to make waves in the digital world. Windows 11 has been available for about seven months now, which should have been plenty of time for you to make the free upgrade from Windows 10. 

However, if you’re still using Windows 10, we don’t blame you. It’s one of the most well-rounded operating systems Microsoft has created, and many people have no interest in upgrading. In honor of the system’s prolonged success, we decided to compile a list of the system’s most breathtaking themes.

To be clear and concise, we only chose themes that depict real scenes of nature. That means any artificial designs, like the Imagination theme, for example, have been eliminated. This list is reserved for the best real-world themes that Windows 10 provides, because nothing is more beautiful than the planet we call home.

We couldn’t rank the themes because beauty is mostly subjective, so instead, we chose an elite group based on popularity and universal appeal, then put them in alphabetical order.  So here they are – the best of the best Windows 10 themes!

Animal Panoramics

This theme is one of the more versatile options on the list, containing vast panoramic shots of various members of the animal kingdom, from bears to cheetahs to penguins. It also has every sort of climate, so you can set your computer’s background to whatever environment that suits your mood or personality.

Download Animal Panoramics

Botanical Garden

If you prefer the lush greenery of plants, Botanical Garden is the Windows 10 theme for you. It has seven high-resolution images of beautiful flowers with surrounding wildlife, bringing you right into the scene with close-up shots. The abundance of green could also improve your workflow, as it boosts creativity and is easier on the eyes.

Download Botanical Garden

Caribbean Shores

This theme takes you to the tropical paradise of the Caribbean sea, depicting scenes of pristine beaches, clear ocean water and hints of the region’s unique coastal architecture. If the beach is your usual vacation destination, Caribbean Shores will give you a taste of better times to come.

Download Caribbean Shores

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is the perfect springtime theme, showing off the beautiful cherry blossoms that appear during spring in Japan each year. The reds, pinks and whites dominate the foreground, while the enormous mountains and city skylines in the background tie the whole scene together. 

Download Cherry Blossoms

Germany: Mountains to Sea

Germany is one of the most geographically diverse countries in Europe, and it certainly shows in the Mountains to Sea theme. This theme takes you from the beaches of the northern coast to the skyscraping Alps in the south, with lakes, fields and valleys in between. All 12 images bring something unique to the table.

Download Germany: Mountains to Sea

Hitting the Road

Hitting the Road is the perfect theme for all the travelers and wanderers out there. It captures some of the most stunning roads around the world, showing long stretches of pavement surrounded by deserts, mountains, and rolling plains as far as the eye can see. Take a scenic trip with this 18-image theme!

Download Hitting the Road

Milky Way

Unlike the other Windows 10 space themes, Milky Way shows images of space from a human’s perspective on earth. All nine shots show our vast galaxy overlooking a beautiful landscape, including deserts, rock formations and smooth bodies of water. Most of us don’t have the luxury of seeing starry nights, but this theme gives us a little taste.

Download Milky Way

Mountain Dwellings

The magnitude of mountains never disappoints. This theme shows some of the most magnificent mountain formations in the world, featuring the Alps, Andes and Himalayas. But the mountains aren’t the only attractions. Some of the images contain unique houses and huts, giving us a glimpse of how people live in these treacherous environments.

Download Mountain Dwellings

Rock Formations Panoramic

This theme is one of the most other-wordly on the list. Some of the 13 panoramic rock formations look like they belong in a science fiction movie. It helps bring into perspective how ancient our planet truly is, and how many years it took for the rocks to develop their current formations. Some of the rocks have plants and wildlife activity, as an added bonus.

Download Rock Formations Panoramic

Salt Lakes and Dead Sea

The handful of Earth’s prominent saltwater lakes get their due attention in this theme. These bodies of water might not be very hospitable, but they have stunning shorelines and unique salt formations that you can’t find anywhere else. The high salt content creates a variety of blue and green shades, and the horizon in the background is the icing on the cake.

Download Salt Lakes and Dead Sea

Spring Blooms

Another spring theme appears on the list, and this one was a no-brainer. All 18 photos depict close-up shots of the world’s most colorful and vibrant flowers in full bloom. You can see every detail, from the pedals to the tiny pollen particles. Perhaps those with seasonal allergies might prefer another theme, but they can’t deny the beauty of a flower in springtime.

Download Spring Blooms

Warm Winter Nights

Winter might be the most unforgiving season, but it creates some picturesque scenes. Warm Winter captures some of these scenes, including whitecapped mountains and cozy cabins surrounded by fresh snowfall. Those of you who live in cold climates will feel right at home, while those living in milder regions can appreciate their warm homes a little more.

Download Warm Winter Nights

Wild Beauty

We appropriately end the list with the Wild Beauty theme, which contains a little bit of everything. These 15 images take you from the Arctic circle across vast oceans, mountains and jungles to the icebergs of Antarctica. As you might imagine, the images have exceptional biodiversity, but they all have one thing in common: a beautiful skyline.

Download Wild Beauty

Make Your Windows Theme Real

The 13 Windows 10 themes we discussed are the best of the best, containing breathtaking scenes of planet earth that will inspire you every time you use your computer. There’s a climate and environment for everyone. Take a break from the artificial designs and boring graphics and try something real.