10 Best Movies On AppleTV+ in Every Genre

November 9, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


Getting ready for a movie night? Check out these ten best movies on AppleTV+ to get some inspiration! AppleTV+ might be a smaller streaming service, but it has a lot of great shows and movies, nearly all of which are originals. 

Movies on AppleTV+ often feature all-star casts and frequently get nominated for awards. So, it’s definitely worth checking out this streamer’s top films. Here’s a look at the best movies in each genre on AppleTV+. 

1. Action: Greyhound (2020)

Greyhound is a historical action film starring and written by Tom Hanks. It tells the thrilling story of Captain Ernest Krause, played by Hanks, who has to lead a convoy of ships on a harrowing journey across the Atlantic in the height of WWII. Along the way, Krause has to keep his crew together and his convoy alive as they are hunted by Nazi submarines. 

Greyhound is not based on real historical events but was inspired by the book The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester. It was a 2021 Oscar award nominee for Best Sound. Greyhound blends the action, historical and drama genres into a fantastic high-stakes film you won’t want to miss.  

2. Comedy: On the Rocks (2020)

On the Rocks stars comedian Bill Murray alongside Rashida Jones in a hilarious father-daughter adventure through New York. Jones plays Laura, an author who’s trying to balance motherhood and writer’s block. With her husband constantly away on business trips, Laura is beginning to feel like her life is falling apart. 

Laura’s dad, Felix (Bill Murray), is an aging playboy who knows all about how men cheat on their wives. He convinces Laura to join him on a mission to tail Laura’s husband on a “business trip” and find out if he’s really the good husband he appears to be. On the Rocks is a sweet, cheeky comedy about regret, flaws and family. 

3. Drama: CODA (2021)

CODA was one of AppleTV+’s first big hits. It made waves in the entertainment industry when it came out in 2021. “CODA” is short for Children of Deaf Adults, which is what this movie is all about. It follows Ruby, the only hearing person in her family. When Ruby begins exploring a passion for music, she has to navigate tension with her deaf parents and brother, who rely on her help with their fishing business. 

CODA stars three deaf actors including Marlee Matlin, Troy Kotsur and Daniel Durant. The film explores life experiences that have largely been ignored in Hollywood. It’s a funny, heartwarming story that won three Oscar Awards, including Best Picture. 

4. Documentary: Stephen Curry: Underrated (2023)

Sports fans won’t want to miss one of the best movies on AppleTV+, 2023’s Stephen Curry: Underrated. This documentary tells the story of famed basketball player Steph Curry and his unlikely rise to all-star status. 

Curry defied expectations at every turn, from childhood to the NBA. Underrated gives viewers an inside look at that experience with commentary from Curry as well as friends, family, fellow players, coaches and sports analysts. Curry’s coming-of-age story will be an inspiration for young athletes and long-time fans alike. 

5. Family-Friendly: The Year Earth Changed (2021)

The Year Earth Changed is a documentary about 2020 that takes a look at a uniquely uplifting side effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic. With narration by David Attenborough, it follows scientists around the world as they study how a sudden halt in human activity impacts nature and wildlife. 

The message of this film is optimistic, despite taking place during the pandemic. It’s a great film for families and gives kids a fresh perspective on a year that is still fresh in everyone’s memory. Audiences can’t help walking away from The Year Earth Changed feeling hopeful and determined about humanity’s ability to change the world for the better and help nature thrive.  

6. Fantasy: Wolfwalkers (2020)

Wolfwalkers is easily one of the best movies on AppleTV+, whether you like fantasy, animation or amazing voice acting. It was a 2021 Oscar Award nominee for Best Animated Feature, thanks to its unique and magical art style. 

Wolfwalkers is about two young girls, one a hunter set on killing the last wolves in Ireland and the other a girl from a strange woodland tribe that transforms into wolves. The two girls become unlikely friends, leading both of them to question their alliances and family rivalries. It’s a beautiful story about friendship and overcoming differences. 

7. Historical: The Greatest Beer Run Ever (2022)

The Greatest Beer Run Ever stars Zac Efron in a funny, chaotic and heartwarming story set during the Vietnam War. Efron plays Chickie Donohue, a young man determined to support his friends fighting in Vietnam, even when many people are caught up in the heated controversy surrounding the war. 

Chickie embarks on a quest to personally bring his deployed friends American beer, but ends up getting more than he bargained for in a fight to survive. The Greatest Beer Run Ever is based on real events that occurred in 1967. It’s a fun yet meaningful story that explores the dissonance between how people perceive war and the way soldiers experience it. 

8. Holiday: Spirited (2022)

AppleTV+ has a great collection of holiday films, but one stands out from the pack: Spirited, starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer. This energetic, touching musical takes a creative spin on the classic Christmas Carol story. 

Reynolds plays Clint, a jaded, selfish executive who is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. The only problem? He’s not buying into their redemption plans. Will Ferrell, the ghost of Christmas Present, makes it his personal mission to make Clint a better man. 

It isn’t easy, though, especially when Present begins falling in love with Kimberly, played by Octavia Spencer. Spirited is a fun, moving tale about change, love and generosity that updates a classic for modern audiences. 

9. Sci-Fi: Finch (2021)

Tom Hanks stars in a number of the best movies on AppleTV+, including Finch, a uniquely creative science fiction adventure. Hanks plays Finch, a man who’s surviving on his own after a world-ending disaster that left him suffering from radiation poisoning. Finch is on a mission to build a robot that will take care of his dog, Goodyear, after Finch himself dies. 

The unlikely trio have to fight for survival as they struggle to find safety in this post-apocalyptic version of Earth. Despite its grim setting, Finch is a heartwarming story about a man, his dog, and their AI robot. It’s the perfect sci-fi film for anyone who loves underdogs and unlikely friendships. 

10. Thriller: The Tragedy of Macbeth (2021)

Shakespeare might not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of “thriller”, but Apple’s The Tragedy of Macbeth definitely fits the genre. It takes a shockingly creative approach to this haunting tale of murder and revenge. 

The film stars the legendary Denzel Washington as Macbeth himself alongside Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth. The entire movie is filmed in sharp black and white, adding to the mystery and heated tension of the story. It was nominated for three Oscar Awards, including Best Actor for Denzel Washington. 

Check Out the Best Movies On AppleTV+

AppleTV+ is a bit more niche than bigger streamers like Netflix or Disney+, but it has a lot of fantastic movies and shows if you give it a chance. The best movies on AppleTV+ are all originals, many of which are Oscar Award winners and nominees. The next time you’re gearing up for a movie night, consider these ten stellar films.