Fitbit Badge List vs. the Apple Watch Award List

June 27, 2023 • Rehack Team


The Fitbit badge list and Apple Watch awards both have the same aim — motivating you to get on your feet. But each product has different nuances that make it unique. Learn about the difference between the Fitbit badge list and the Apple Watch award list to determine which will work best for you.

Fitbit Badge List

Fitbit badges help users stay focused on their health goals. Earning badges is a fun way to stay motivated and track your progress. With more than 100 badges available, there’s an opportunity to celebrate every victory, no matter how small.

Daily Step Badges

The daily step badges track how many steps you’ve taken in one day. The more steps you take, the better your chance of earning a badge. At the end of each day, the count resets and you can try again the next day.

Daily step badges you can earn with Fitbit include everything from Boat Shoes — walking 5,000 steps in a day — to Olympian Sandals, which you earn by taking an astonishing 100,000 steps.

Lifetime Distance Badges

If you want a long-term goal, work toward lifetime distance badges. They track the total distance you have walked since joining Fitbit. It can be very motivating to see how many miles you’ve already covered.

Lifetime distance badges you can earn with Fitbit include Marathon, earned by walking 26 total miles since joining Fitbit, all the way to Pole to Pole, which you can earn by walking 12,430 miles. That’s the equivalent of walking from the North Pole to the South Pole in a straight line!

Daily Floor Badges

Fitbit doesn’t just track how far you’ve walked. Some models can also sense elevation and count the number of upward steps you’ve taken. You can earn daily floor badges by powering your way up as much elevation as possible.

Ten feet counts as one floor. For as little as 10 floors in one day, you earn the Happy Hill badge.

Up for a little mountaineering? Ascend 700 floors for the Rainbow badge.

Lifetime Floor Badges

If you could stack all the staircases you’ve walked on top of each other, how high would they reach? With lifetime floor badges, you can find your answer. Fitbit can track how many flights of stairs you have climbed since joining.

Lifetime floor badges you can earn with Fitbit start at Helicopter, which you earn by climbing 500 floors since joining Fitbit. Climb 35,000 total floors to earn the high-flying Satellite badge.

Weight Goal Badges

Fitbit badges make it easy to stay motivated through your weight goals. You earn a badge merely for setting a goal, the first step in the right direction. Celebrate as you lose pounds, gain weight or maintain your current weight, and count down toward the finish line.

Apple Watch Award List

Similar to Fitbit’s goal badges, Apple Watch’s activity award list increases user engagement and encourages a little healthy competition. You can improve your health while also hitting achievements and earning every badge.

Workout Badges

These achievements focus on how much time you spend exercising each day. The more you exercise, whether it be walking, biking or weightlifting, the more badges you will earn.

Workout badges you can earn with Apple Watch include the following:

  • First Workout: Complete your first workout in any exercise category for at least five minutes
  • Seven-Workout Week: Complete any workout for at least 15 minutes for seven straight days
  • New Exercise Record: Beat your daily exercise record

Move Badges

Move badges focus on the number of calories you burn. When you work out and torch calories throughout the day, you can earn badges that show off your hard work.

Move badges you can earn with Apple Watch include the following:

  • New Move Goal: Set a new calorie target
  • Move Goal 200%: Double your daily calorie target
  • Perfect Week: Earn this award in the Move, Exercise, Stand and All Activity categories. Close all three rings every day for an entire week

Limited-Edition Challenges

These Apple Watch challenges are especially enticing because they’re not always available. They might link to a holiday, season or event. If you see an achievement badge, you’ll want to quickly start working toward the goal before it disappears.

Challenges you can complete with Apple Watch include the following.

  • Earth Day Challenge: Work out for 30 minutes or more on Earth Day
  • Ring in the New Year Challenge: Close all activity rings seven days in a row during the first week of the year
  • National Park Challenge: Walk, run or work out for one mile or more

Completing Goals and Achievements

When it comes to the best goal-tracking device, will you go with Fitbit or the Apple Watch? The Fitbit is a well-rounded tracker with badges that are simple to complete and help motivate your health journey. Unlike Apple Watch awards, you can earn all your Fitbit badges on your own.

The Apple Watch is a better solution for those who want to amp up their workout routine with some friendly competition. Directly challenge a friend with a custom goal, then race toward the finish line for a custom badge. And you can earn limited-edition badges that are only available for a few days or weeks before they disappear.