Stardew Valley Switch Controls for All Your Farming Needs

March 27, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


Stardew Valley is a relaxing game about creating your own farm and finding treasures. Aside from that, you get to know a unique cast of characters and unravel secrets of Journal Scraps along the way. It might not sound as tense as many other games, but that may be just why people like it so much. To date, Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies over all its eligible platforms. Learning the Stardew Valley Switch controls is essential to know how to play the game if you plan to pick up your copy for Nintendo Switch.

What Is Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley didn’t roll out to every console initially. It first started with a PC release in early 2016, then moved onto other platforms like the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and iOS in subsequent months and years. It’s still most popular on the PC, but nobody can deny its appeal as a cozy game for the Nintendo Switch.

This game is often thought of as the epitome of farming simulators, and though it is relatively new, it has become an instant classic. Stardew Valley was one of the games that got many people through the COVID-19 quarantine period, as it enabled them to play with their friends online and live their dreams of a slower, simpler life.

In this game, you inherit the farm of a relative and learn to make your own living while getting to know the people who live in the game. You can grow crops and battle monsters all in the same game. This timeless classic has captured hearts for years — and now, it’s on the Nintendo Switch, so you should learn the Stardew Valley Switch controls before you set out on your farming adventure.

Back to Basics: Stardew Valley Switch Controls

Knowing the Stardew Valley Switch controls is only half the battle — you need to learn how to use them effectively. While Stardew Valley is a pretty laid-back game, you don’t want to make yourself frustrated by not knowing what button triggers what command. Once you learn the controls, you’ll be ready to play and feel less like a newbie as you enter your new game.

Joysticks for Movement

The left joystick is for moving your character around. You can make your character walk or run, depending on how quickly you try to get things done around your farm. The right joystick, by contrast, allows you to move your cursor around to select things. Joysticks are commonly used for movement, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they’re used the same way as in many other games.

Plus and Minus

The + and – symbols on your Nintendo Switch are often used for various things that differ from game to game. If you want to access the menu, click the Plus (+) Button. The Minus (-) Button allows you to view the Journal. Throughout your days in Stardew Valley, you should find some Journal Scraps hidden around the world. As such, the Plus and Minus buttons are super helpful to anyone wanting the entire experience from their Stardew Valley game.

A/B/X/Y Buttons

The A Button allows you to confirm an action. While this is a vague explanation, it can help you talk to someone or check something. You can use it to confirm what you’re doing, such as using the cursor or making a selection. The A Button in this game functions much like an A Button in any other Nintendo Switch game.

Funny enough, the B Button serves a function that you already know about — it opens the menu. This button is an excellent go-to if it feels too unnatural for you to use the plus button. That way, you can focus on your game more than interrupting yourself by positioning your fingers in a difficult way. In fact, controllers that feel more natural to people and don’t require them to learn a new setup are more effective for gamers.

The Y Button is the use tool button. You’ll want to rely on this one whenever you want to use a tool on your farm. The X Button, by contrast, opens the crafting menu, which allows you to craft tools and items you love. You can create anything from decorations for your home to fertilizer to help your crops grow better.

Right and Left Buttons

The Right and Left buttons on your Joy-Cons don’t have much use. They come in handy once you’ve upgraded your inventory, and they allow you to switch between the slots once you have expanded room in your pockets. The ZR button behind the R button can help you switch items around to a more pleasing order for you. They’re relatively simple to manage, so you’ll learn them quickly.

Enjoy Stardew Valley Alone or With Friends

There is never a bad time to start the farming adventure of a lifetime. Simulation games are excellent options for many people who want to explore different life paths and customize their character in ways they might not be able to in reality. All video games serve as a form of escapism in some way, and Stardew Valley is no different — but its wholesome gameplay and intriguing storyline will draw you in and make you want to unveil all the secrets.

Learning the Stardew Valley Switch controls is as easy as practicing with them a few times. You’ll never learn how to play a game correctly if you don’t practice with it. Consider playing the game with your friends online — that way, you can spend time together while learning the controls effectively on your Nintendo Switch device.