What Does Your Nintendo Switch Serial Number Mean?

March 25, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


The Nintendo Switch is a successful gaming platform that has inspired a new generation of gamers and even brought people back to their old favorite games. Just like any piece of software, your device has a serial number. This code is unique to your device and can help you determine a few things about your Switch.

Where to Find Your Nintendo Switch Serial Number

You can find your Nintendo Switch serial number at the bottom of your device. The bottom left, near where you would plug in a charger, should have a sticker that reveals a barcode and your Nintendo Switch’s unique serial number.

If the sticker is worn or missing, you can find the code digitally. Click on Settings, then go down to System. There, you can select Serial Information and find your device’s serial number easily.

What Does Your Nintendo Switch Serial Number Mean?

Now that you’ve found your Switch serial number, you can learn some valuable information about the console.

1. Whether Your Switch Is Legit

One of the easiest ways to know if you’ve got a legitimate Nintendo Switch from a secondhand seller is by checking the Nintendo Switch serial number. Just because your device doesn’t have a sticker saying its number doesn’t mean that you have a counterfeit Nintendo Switch on your hands. Use the method listed above and check the serial number from your System Settings. Then, you should be able to tell whether your Nintendo Switch is real or fake.

2. Which Edition of Nintendo Switch You Have

One of the cooler parts of your Nintendo Switch serial number is that you can tell your device’s exact model. While it might be evident for some people who have a Nintendo Switch OLED or Lite, those who have regular Nintendo Switches may not know whether they own the original or revised version, which was released later.

The prefix before the series of numbers indicates which variation of the Nintendo Switch you have, as follows:

  • XAW: the original Nintendo Switch.
  • XKW: the revised Nintendo Switch, with better battery life.
  • XTW: the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which was released most recently.
  • XJW: the Nintendo Switch Lite model

Knowing which model your Switch is, especially in the case of the first two, can help you determine other factors. The revised Nintendo Switch improved the original Switch’s battery life of three to six hours of playtime. Otherwise, there’s no real cosmetic difference between the two.

3. Get Help From Nintendo Support

Nintendo Support exists to help you solve several problems. They can repair your Nintendo Switch device or Joy-Cons by having you ship them in, and they can troubleshoot any problems with internet connection or account issues. Nintendo Support may even help you fix issues on your end, like how to eliminate dust buildup so you won’t worry about your Switch overheating.

To better understand your problem, Nintendo Support may ask for your Nintendo Switch serial number. Knowing where to find your Nintendo Switch’s code can help you get help with your device faster. With your code, Nintendo Support can possibly also tell whether your secondhand device has been stolen and sold to you, with you none the wiser. Your Nintendo Switch serial number tells so much about your device, so it’s important to keep the number somewhere safe in case you can’t access it.

Understanding Your Nintendo Switch Serial Number

Luckily, even if the sticker wears off, you can still find your console’s serial number elsewhere. If you kept the original box that your Switch came in, it also contains the serial number. You may not need your Nintendo Switch serial number for many things. However, it’s still handy to know and can help you out in several situations — when you’re not playing games on your Switch, of course.