Elden Ring in Offline Mode: Quick Pros and Cons

August 1, 2023 • Zachary Amos


Is it better to play Elden Ring in offline mode? Players who are new to the game or want a low-stakes session should try it. Still, you might miss out on some cool features if you’re not online. Keep reading to properly weigh your options and see which one you prefer.

How Does Elden Ring Offline Mode Work?

It doesn’t change the base game at all, but it will affect various multiplayer features. You’ll lose access to interactive elements and co-op. All it takes is a simple setting change to completely overhaul your experience.

Although Elden Ring was one of the most popular games of 2022, many people haven’t given the offline mode a chance. While Xbox and PlayStation users use it by default if they don’t have subscriptions to their respective online services, plenty of PC gamers still need to check it out.

How Different Is It From Elden Ring Online?

What is the difference between Elden Ring offline and online mode? The most significant changes are the lack of bloodstains, spirits, messages, summons and player invasions. These are all features that require an internet connection, so you can’t experience them without one.

Offline mode is even different from playing solo online — you still run the risk of being invaded by another player. You might think you can avoid it simply by not accepting duel invites, but they can still sneak in.

Summoning someone to your side allows others to join and attack you when you least expect it. You’re vulnerable even if you’re just exploring with a friend. Playing Elden Ring in offline mode is the only way to minimize the chances of this happening.

Pros of Elden Ring Offline Mode

The benefits mainly revolve around the lack of player invasions and your potential heightened sense of accomplishment. Many people who play offline also say they prefer to see the Lands Between without all the distractions the multiplayer elements bring.

Here’s an overview of the benefits:

  • Quest alternatives: Although you used not to be able to complete Varre’s quest in offline mode, FromSoftware fixed this oversight with patch v1.06 in 2022. Now, the NPC Magnus in Writheblood Ruins is the alternative to an invasion for offline players.
  • Better battery life: Playing offline gives you better battery life if you play on Steam Deck. While it can last up to eight hours, demanding games can drain it faster. Turning on airplane mode makes it last longer.
  • No invasions: Invasions can be rewarding when you win but are incredibly frustrating when you don’t. Although going offline won’t disable NPC invaders, it will eliminate PvP altogether.
  • Less clutter: Let’s be honest — endless blood stains, spirits and messages can become quickly distracting. Since going offline removes these, your game will have less clutter and be more immersive.
  • Solo accomplishments: Although you can simply choose not to read the messages in online mode, it’s hard to ignore clusters of bloodstains. If you feel better about your achievements when you finish things on your own, we highly suggest you play offline to avoid hints and tips.

Playing offline can be more relaxed since you don’t have to worry about invasions. It can also feel great to find secrets on your own without the help of messages or bloodstains. Plus, it’s excellent for those who want to take their device on the go and grind some dungeons in the Lands Between while traveling.

Cons of Elden Ring Offline Mode

The drawbacks mainly revolve around the lack of a cooperative experience. You can’t rely on others to help you during a boss battle or give you helpful tips. If you get stuck, you’ll simply have to find a walkthrough online instead of summoning a helping hand.

Here’s an overview of the drawbacks:

  • No hints: Going offline removes messages, so the days of trusting the “treasure chest ahead” note and jumping into the abyss are gone. You may miss out on hints about illusory walls, secret caches or surprise scripted attacks.
  • No summons: Going offline to prevent invaders from joining you also blocks your friends. You have to sacrifice your ability to summon, meaning you’ll have to face every threat alone. 
  • No help: Coming across a pile of bloodstains in online mode usually tips you off about hidden dangers. In offline mode, you’ll have to find out the hard way — through dying when you least expect it.
  • No appraisals: You receive a slight health boost in real-time when someone appraises your message — you’ve probably seen videos of people winning their boss fight for this reason alone. Sadly, you can’t leave messages offline, so you won’t get this perk.

The supplemental online features outside of co-op or PvP can be fun and add some hilarity to a game that tends to be incredibly frustrating. You may miss crucial tips or overlook great loot without the messages others leave behind. 

Should You Use Elden Ring Offline Mode?

Should you play Elden Ring in offline mode? It’s the only way to stop player invasions, which can be extremely helpful. However, it also removes many additional online features. You lose access to co-op and messages.

We recommend you play offline if you want a self-driven gaming experience or if you plan to travel without internet access. Ultimately, though, it’s up to you. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of Elden Ring offline mode to see what you prefer. 

You may realize that you would prefer exploring the world without the interjections of thousands of other tarnished — or you may feel that getting rid of invaders isn’t worth sacrificing your ability to summon. It really depends on how you want to play the game. If anything, you can switch back to online mode if you want a change.

Enjoy Your Experience, Tarnished

This comparison isn’t here to convince you — it’s just to help make your experience more rewarding. Choosing to play offline isn’t a huge deal because you can reverse your decision at any time. If you feel like it may be too big of a change from how you’re currently playing, just turn it on temporarily to test the waters. The only thing that matters is that you try to enjoy yourself as much as possible while playing one of the most challenging video games in history.