Cyber Security Awareness Training: 5 Resources for Employees

March 12, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


Cyber security awareness is a growing issue all over the world. With increasing threats, it is an area that more and more people are turning to for protection. Obtaining certification for cybersecurity ensures you are going above and beyond preparing for job requirements and any cyber issues you may encounter.

You may wish to get a certification for cyber security awareness for a number of reasons. It is a norm for many IT jobs to require certifications or more in cyber security. It is also a proactive way to recognize threats or dangers while online, keeping you or your workplace safe.

The industry itself is growing, so companies and business are increasing their need for IT cyber security positions every day.

With this increase in demand and importance, you will want to invest in a certification program. Security, networking, ethical hacking and other certifications all provide various skills and benefits. Finding the right one for you is the best way to prepare.

Cybrary – Introduction to IT & Cyber Security

This course from Cybrary offers an introductory experience in IT and cyber security awareness. Since it is self-paced, you can work through it at your own rate.

As part of one of their career paths, this beginner’s course will lead to others in the series. If you are contemplating the areas you wish to work in with cyber security, this course is a helpful start.

You will learn about the basics of the field as well as the primary disciplines. From there, you can decide which career path is right for you. This course is free, making it a great place to begin.

Global Knowledge – Certified Information Systems Security Professional

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification from Global Knowlege is a key program for those who already have some experience.

This certification offers an educative experience on how to successfully develop, engineer and implement a security program. You can apply this technical knowledge to future projects that benefit the overall security system you develop.

Once you pass the CISSP exam, you will have your certification. It evaluates your knowledge in the eight security domains. You will need to have at least five years of experience in two or more of the domains.

Infosec – Ethical Hacking Dual Certification Boot Camp

Ethical, or “white-hat,” hackers take preemptive steps by trying to “hack” or find security errors in the network. Infosec offers a dual certification boot camp as a place to start.

Here you will find an in-depth look into finding security vulnerabilities before the “black-hat” hackers do. This boot camp offers training, techniques, tools like cyber security laws and more so you emerge fully prepared for the field.

You will then be able to assess and address threats accordingly after receiving your two certifications: EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and CompTIA PenTest+.

FutureLearn – Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises

FutureLearn offers this course on cyber security for enterprises for those with or without experience. It can serve as a refresher course or as a gateway into a career.

With FutureLearn, you will investigate the reasons for and causes of cyber attacks for small and medium businesses. You will learn the tools to combat these threats as well as recognizes the signs to stop them preemptively.

After looking at case studies and the consequences of cyber attacks, you will then be ready to handle any threats you face in your future careers.

NICCS – CyberSec First Responder

This intermediate course from NICCS offers insight and experience in cyber threat detection and response. Though it does call for several prerequisites, it can be a useful resource for someone building a career in cyber security.

The first responder class covers cyber security risks, and how you can prepare for them before, during and after an attack. You’ll also learn how to improve network safety, analyze data and properly respond to incidents.

As you continue your journey in cyber security awareness, this course helps give you experience, preparing you for the future.