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Why Should You Use Google Password Manager?

February 21, 2023 • April Miller


We’ve all been there – you tried to make a secure password for a website, but it was too complex to remember. Balancing cybersecurity and convenience is a challenge today since unique, complex passwords are crucial for keeping your accounts and data safe. 

The Google password manager can simplify online security. It helps you stay safe without having to worry about keeping track of hundreds of complicated passwords. 

What is a Password Manager?

Password managers have skyrocketed in popularity over recent years due to increased awareness of cybersecurity. Simple passwords are easy to remember, especially when you reuse the same one over numerous websites. Unfortunately, habits like this leave you vulnerable to password hacking, which can compromise your online accounts and personal information. 

Password managers are designed to protect you online by allowing you to create complex passwords without having to remember them. Instead, all of your unique passwords are stored in the password manager. You just need to remember one complex password to access them. 

Why You Should Use the Google Password Manager

The Google password manager is one of the most accessible password managers available today. It’s baked right into Google Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser. Plus, it’s free to use – anyone can set up the Google password manager from their Google account. Here are the top five reasons why you should try out the Google password manager today. 

1. It’s Super Convenient

The Google password manager is one of the most convenient password managers around. Over 60% of Internet users in the U.S. use Google Chrome. Google’s password manager is seamlessly integrated into their web browser, making it easy to use, even across multiple devices. 

As long as you are logged into your Google account, you can access your passwords from any device with Chrome installed, including Apple devices. 

2. It Helps You Create Strong Passwords

One of the fundamentals of cybersecurity is creating passwords that are unique and complex, with a variety of essentially random letters, numbers, and digits. These passwords are exceptionally hard to guess or crack with an algorithm, making them more secure. The Google password manager can help you create secure passwords for all your accounts. 

When you’re making new accounts (or updating old passwords), the Google password manager can help. It can generate randomized, unique, complex passwords for you that you can automatically save into the password manager. Chrome will usually recognize a password entry box on websites and automatically prompt you to ask if you want to generate a secure password. You can create one yourself, but Google’s suggestion is often a good way to go. It will be completely random, won’t match any other password in the world, and won’t contain any easy-to-guess words or phrases. 

3. It’s Secure and Trustworthy

Some people may be hesitant to try a password manager out of concern about putting all their passwords in one place. Luckily, the Google password manager is highly secure and you can even take extra steps to make it even more secure. 

For one thing, Google itself is a large tech company with the expertise and resources to provide top-notch security for its services and users. The most recent data breach to hit Google was in 2018 and it only affected the now-defunct Google+ social media site. Google regularly releases patches and updates to keep Chrome’s security features current, as well. 

The Google password manager does depend on your personal Google account’s security, though. If you have a weak password for your Google account that controls your password manager, it won’t matter how secure your other passwords are. You can secure your Google account by setting up two-factor authentication and creating a randomized, complex password. 

Two-factor authentication alone can significantly boost your online security, even if your account has a weak password. 

4. It Can Warn You About Data Breaches

One helpful feature included in the Google password manager is data breach monitoring. This feature has been around since 2019, but many people aren’t aware that it’s an option they have in their Google account. You can easily run a password checkup from your Google account settings and turn on Safe Browsing mode in Chrome to help protect you from malicious phishing content online. 

To activate these features, navigate to the Google password manager on Chrome. On the landing page for your password manager, an option should be available right at the top of the screen to run a password checkup. This will tell you if you have any weak or potentially compromised passwords. 

To turn on Safe Browsing mode, go to the main security and privacy page in your Google account settings. If you scroll down, you will see an option to switch on Safe Browsing mode. 

5. It Can Protect Your Privacy

An additional benefit of using Google password manager is the bonus security integrations it offers on Chrome. The password manager is just one branch of Google Chrome’s security features. Not only does it help you create and remember secure passwords, it can also protect your privacy by automatically blocking unwanted tracking cookies on websites. 

Cookies are a type of code in websites that stores data. Some cookies are harmless and necessary for a website to function correctly. Some cookies are also used for convenience purposes, like cookies that keep you signed in on frequently-visited websites. Others are purely designed to track and save user data, though, often for marketing purposes. 

If you’re using Google Chrome for your online security needs, you can disable cookies in addition to securing your passwords. To automatically block unwanted cookies, you can simply navigate to the privacy and security page in your Google account settings, where you can find your cookie settings. In the cookies menu, simply switch cookies off. 

Getting Started With Google Password Manager

Using the a password manager is one of the best ways to start improving your safety and security online. By using Google password manager, you can keep all of your online accounts safe with secure passwords that you don’t need to write down on a sticky note.