Try These Things to Do Online When Bored

February 19, 2024 • Devin Partida


You have a bit of downtime in your day and can’t immediately think of something to do. So, the easiest option is to pick up your phone or go to your laptop and start scrolling through content on one of your go-to sites. We’ve all been there. However, focusing on specific, beneficial things to do online when bored can help you make the most of your screen time. 

Learn a Language

Knowing more than one language can be a major benefit for people seeking work, and vacations become much more fun without language barriers. The internet has plenty of text and audio-based resources to explore. Whether you want to memorize the most necessary phrases or are ready for an in-depth language course, the internet is an excellent starting point. 

Plan the associated things you’ll do online when bored by setting small goals. For example, you might aim to learn five new words one day and test yourself on them the next day. 

Alternatively, maybe you’ve previously learned a language but want a refresher course on it. Then, the best approach is probably to focus on the areas that most need improvement. 

Watch Follow-Along Cleaning Content

It may seem unusual, but people are hugely interested in cleaning content. Many of the most popular options are those where viewers can watch and copy so-called “cleanfluencers” as these people show the various things they do to tidy their homes. 

It’s common for people to look for things to do online when bored if they want to put off other tasks. However, this approach lets you look for new, better ways to do tasks that must get done anyway. 

Think about taking a room-by-room approach to get applicable tips and tricks for every part of your home. You could also make notes in a phone app or journal about which things you find most effective that are worth sharing with others. 

Engage With People Through Discord

Discord can be somewhat of a mixed bag for people who want things to do online when bored. Indeed, some of its servers are places where you could go down a rabbit hole for hours and wonder what’s happened to the time. However, Discord also has lots of options for spending time more meaningfully. 

People designate public servers with tags, helping people find others with shared interests. You could also join a server to get help with a school subject or interact with Patreon creators. If you don’t see a server that fits what you’re looking for, why not create one? In any case, all servers have user rules. 

Make sure to get familiar with them early so you can interact with the community without encountering problems. Think about what you most want to achieve with your time on Discord. Then, you’ll be able to spend your time wisely.

Look for New Recipes Online When Bored

Maybe you cook regularly or perhaps only as a last resort. Cooking is an excellent, practical skill, and using it can help you save money and grow your skills. 

Start by thinking of some broad characteristics of a desired dish. It might be something you could make in a slow cooker or with only five ingredients. Doing that will help you narrow down the options and start feeling excited. 

Focus on the recipes that let you use existing skills. Then, once you feel more confident, branch out by trying new things. When you’re in a particularly creative mood, try tools that let you use what you have so there’s no need for a grocery store run. This is also a great strategy for cutting down on food waste. 

Take a Live Class

The internet breaks down educational barriers due to someone’s location or lack of funds. Even if someone lives hundreds of miles from the nearest college, they can get online and learn from the most experienced teachers. Many of these courses cost less than traditional education, and some are free or donation-only. 

These are also great for people who want to learn highly specialized skills or subjects from well-known experts. Online learning is not perfect, though. The number of worldwide internet users is growing, which is a good thing. However, the inability to get consistent access to go online has worsened a digital divide. That’s particularly problematic for completing assignments that require people to use the internet. 

As you look for classes to fill your time online and banish boredom, prioritize those that happen live. Then, you can get into a routine of accessing the learning portal at the right times throughout the week. Think about what you want to get out of the class, too. Are you emphasizing professional development, indulging in a passion project or learning for another reason? Consider your short and long-term goals. 

Find Volunteering Opportunities

Many people want things to do online when bored because they need a purpose. Once they’ve gone to work or school and gotten those obligations out of the way, they’ll frequently go online to try and relax. However, the vast assortment of content they find may be anything but relaxing. 

Thanks to the algorithms ranking and showcasing some material online, people often discover it’s far too easy to come across distressing things. Volunteering through the internet solves that problem because it provides a particular reason to go online and a task to perform when you do. 

Another perk is that you can often commit as much or as little time as you like. Although some organizations require time commitments, others let you log in and help whenever you’re available. Those in the second group are best when you’re looking for things to do online when bored. Just read the task requirements, register with the organization and volunteer in short spurts, whenever you have some extra time. 

Stream a Podcast

One prediction indicates there will be more than 254 million people in the United States listening to podcasts by 2027. They’re such a part of society now that some wonder what they ever did before podcasts were a thing.

Whether you want to listen to a comedian or learn about a lesser-known subject, the only problem you might have is setting aside enough time to listen to all the interesting stuff you find. 

Make your user experience even easier with one of the many podcast manager apps. They help you find content, and then keep it all in one place for straightforward access whenever you’re bored. 

These Things to Do Online When Bored Will Get You Out of a Slump

Boredom happens to everyone, and the internet seems like the most popular way to resolve it. However, going online can quickly turn into a time-wasting activity. Try these suggestions so that won’t happen.