Stress Reliever Activities That’ll Lighten Your Mood

March 1, 2018 • Rehack Team


Stress is a natural part of life. In fact, small amounts of stress may even motivate you.

In excess, though, stress can become totally debilitating. It can eat away at your peace of mind until no amount of sleepy-time tea brings you solace.

But you do have many holistic options for combatting stress and keeping your tension levels manageable? Find some inner peace with these fun and simple stress reliever activities.

Enlist Aromatherapy

Since everyone experiences stress, you probably have lots of people offering advice on ways to relieve the tension. If none of these suggested stress reliever activities has worked for you yet, perhaps it’s time to try aromatherapy.

Whether your chosen scent is lavender — a naturally calming aroma — or the smell of baking cookies, select a scent that brings you peace and use it to unwind after a long day. You may be surprised by just how powerful a simple aroma can be.

‘Ohm’ Your Way to a Meditative State

Meditation is essentially the practice of quieting the mind. When your brain starts racing with a miles-long to-do list, stop and enlist this stress reliever activity to find your zen.

Use an app like Headspace to guide you through a few minutes of meditation each night or simply turn off your phone and savor a few sweet minutes of silence on your commute home from work.

Clearly, you don’t need a totally empty or silent room in order to experience the calming benefits of meditation.

Start Spring Cleaning Any Time of Year

Did you know that when you ask your significant other to do the dishes, you’re actually short-changing yourself — especially if you struggle with stress?

If you slow down and turn on some soothing music, you may find that a chore as simple as washing the dishes actually brings incredibly calming effects. The combination of the warm water and the mindless, routine motions may easily boost your mood.

Of course, you could also try cranking up the tunes and hopping around the house picking up after a long week.

Treat Yo’self to Some Cuddles

Whether you have a sweetheart at home or a four-legged friend waiting for you every day when you get back from work, this sidekick could be of some assistance in easing stress. Snuggling up with a dog, cat or special someone may help to alleviate some of the physical signs of stress, like a racing heartbeat.

In fact, even pets you can’t cuddle with might provide some relief. Fish have been shown to have a calming effect on those who watch them float to and fro. That’s why you see them in the dentist’s office!

Don’t Skip a Gym Day

When you exercise, it releases endorphins. These naturally occurring “feel-good” chemicals help to boost your mood regardless of what you’re feeling before you hit the gym.

Certain types of exercise provide other soothing benefits. Yoga is a great example.

The entire practice is designed to help your nervous system essentially take a huge chill pill with a combination of up-tempo cardio exercises and slow-flowing strength training. Running might offer a more potent natural high for anyone with excess energy.

If you thought your only option to alleviate stress was tea and a warm bath, then we hope this rundown of stress reliever activities has offered some insight. Although you’re certainly welcome to unwind in a bubble bath, try adding aromatherapy for more potent effects.

You might also want to skip the bath altogether and engage in a cuddle sesh with your four-legged friend, head to the gym for a yoga class or a grueling run or simply clear out those dishes that have been sitting in the sink.