How to Make Winter Work to Your Advantage

November 25, 2016 • Rehack Team


Winter tends to be an unproductive season for a lot of people.

The days are shorter, the weather is cold and harsh and seasonal depression kicks in. Most of us just want to curl up in a blanket and watch some TV. But we can’t let winter make us idle.

Here are six ways to make winter work to your advantage.

1. Learn a New Language

There’s a way for you to stay in bed or on the couch and still be productive. Instead of zoning out in front the television, try learning something new, like a language. If you’re on a budget, Duolingo is an amazing free app and website to help you learn. It’s a bit limited as far as languages, but has the main ones people typically want to learn, and they’re expanding all the time.

There are other great apps and software to use, but what’s important is that you’re putting your time to good use and making winter productive. We tend to stop learning as much as we get older, but we should keep using our brains. Whether you’re going abroad and need to learn the language, or just want to be able to speak it, a second language is a valuable skill.

2. Keep Active

It’s understandable that you don’t want to go exercise in the cold, but that’s no reason to give up your workout routine altogether. If you don’t want to go run outside, there’s always the treadmill at the gym. A gym doesn’t have to be your go-to, though. There are plenty of workouts you can do without setting foot in one.

Your workout can be as simple as running up and down the stairs in your building. If you’re out holiday shopping, do a few laps around the mall when you’re carrying bags. If you have to shovel snow, add some squats or something to make burn some calories. It doesn’t have to be intense, just make sure you’re staying active and healthy.

3. Do Home Improvement Projects

People normally think of spring and summer as home improvement time, but it’s smart to wait until winter. Working on the house gets you off of the couch, and there’s a lot less sweating involved during the colder months. Now is a great time to clean out and organize your spare room full of stuff.

You should also consider reorganizing your closet and clothes with new shelving and storage. Cold weather is ideal for drying paint, so give your living room a new coat, just like you said you would years ago. Look for other ideas that make your house the home you want it to be. Redecorating always brightens things up!

4. Pick up a new Hobby

Taking on a hobby is a great way to make winter productive. Learning something new is always fun, so why not give it a shot? Activities like knitting or crocheting would be perfect for the cold winter months. You can also make yourself blankets and scarves to keep warm throughout winter, all from your cozy home. They’ll also make great homemade holiday gifts, so you’ll avoid the hassle of shopping!

It’s also fun to learn an instrument. Take piano lessons or break out the guitar you’ve had since you were a kid. Music is something almost everyone loves, and learning how to play it’s a beautiful thing. Even if you aren’t a master, it’s still something that will make you feel accomplished!

5. Start Cooking

If you don’t already know how to cook, it’s a wonderful skill to have. If you can cook a bit, the craft can always be improved! Start experimenting with different recipes and tutorials. At the very least, learn the basics. If you really want to impress, move on to gourmet dishes and show them off the next time you have friends or family visiting. They’ll all want to know the recipe!

6. Get Informed

After college, we tend to think our learning days are over. But it’s important to keep a sharp mind and continue learning throughout your entire life. Break out some books on subjects that you’re interested in. Study up on things pertaining to your career or the career that you want to be in.

The best thing about learning as an adult is that you can choose exactly what you want to study. You don’t have to deal with general education courses that you have little interest in. Instead, you can choose whatever your heart desires. Knowledge is power!

Don’t let the blues turn you into a lump on the couch. Make winter productive and try some new things. There are so many opportunities for you to take advantage of — even if it’s freezing and dark outside!