When Is the Best Time to Buy a Laptop for Cheap?

June 5, 2024 • Devin Partida


Timing makes all the difference when shopping for a new laptop on a budget. Nothing causes buyer’s remorse faster than paying full price for an item only to see it on sale a week later. The good news is there’s more than one best time to buy a laptop at a good price. Like most electronics, you’ll find some relatively good deals on computers and accessories at certain periods during the year.

Of course, if your current system is no longer working, then the best time to buy a laptop is now. But if you have some time to shop around, the cost savings might be worth the wait. Keep in mind that these sale periods typically involve slightly older systems that have been on the shelves for some time, so don’t expect to see the latest or most high-end devices. 

When Is the Cheapest Time to Buy a Laptop? 

Keeping tabs on discounts and exclusive deals can help you get your new system at a much more affordable price. Generally speaking, these are the best times of the year to buy a laptop and related accessories. 

Black Friday

Black Friday needs no lengthy introduction. Chances are you’ve snagged a couple of cost-saving deals on various items in the past, thanks to this designated shopping holiday. Most tech products, including laptops, sell for meager prices during this period. For example, the Dell XPS 13 sold for around 27% cheaper during Black Friday in 2023. Several laptop brands and models also sold for hundreds of dollars lower than their posted costs just a few weeks before. 

Cyber Monday 

The Monday after Thanksgiving is another opportune time to score laptops on the cheap. Many manufacturers and retailers offer steep discounts throughout this period, competing to accumulate the most sales. This means that they often adjust their pricing in real time to match the price of a competitor selling the product for less. To ensure you get a great deal, research well ahead of the day to get a better sense of what features to prioritize and how much to budget.

Amazon Prime Day

The Prime Day shopping event is a popular option for buying electronics, including laptops and other tech devices, at affordable prices. One of the standout deals from 2023’s Amazon Prime Day was the Razer Blade 14 heavy-duty gaming laptop, which sold for around $1950, a whopping 44% off the original selling price of $3500. You’ll need to act fast to find excellent deals, so always watch for alerts about the specific event days, as they’re not always set in stone. 

Back-to-School Season

Laptops qualify as back-to-school items, so you will likely enjoy generous deals and promotions during this period. Most retailers slash the prices on various models, allowing you to get a system that meets your budget and requirements. If you’re a student, you might also benefit from exclusive discounts, which can help you save even more money. 

The back-to-school season typically begins mid to late July through August, so you should have a few weeks to look for the best deal. However, you may need to move fast as popular models sell out quickly. 

Holiday Weekends

Holidays are another best time to buy a laptop for cheap. Think Christmas, New Year, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day weekend and more. Many people purchase electronics as presents for family and friends during these periods, prompting sellers to lower their prices and offer big discounts on select items. 

New Hardware Releases

Have you ever experienced the unpleasantness of buying a pricey new item only to watch the manufacturer release a much faster and more technically advanced model two months later? It’s not a good feeling. That’s why it makes sense to wait a bit until brands unveil newer models before hitting the market. 

Retailers will likely discount older products during this time to clear room for the more recent systems. You can also take advantage of this period to trade in your current laptop. For example, Apple’s program can save you $120–$1170 when you trade in a MacBook. 

Which Month Is Best to Buy a Laptop?

January can be a prime time to enjoy unique bargains on computers. Experts estimate you’ll find gadgets selling up to 10% cheaper in January than in December. One reason for this is the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which debuts the most recent models in a brand’s lineup. The event usually lasts three days within the first or second week of January. 

The months leading up to summer are also an excellent time for laptop deals as retailers look to refresh their inventory as part of their Spring clearance sales. This often means discounting older computer generations to drive up interest among potential buyers. 

How Many Years Is a Laptop Good For?

The life expectancy of a laptop depends on several factors, including what you use it for and how well you maintain it. Generally, when your system reaches the five-year mark, it’s a good time to start considering a replacement in the near future. 

Even if there’s no major issue, the hardware components might lack the capacity to handle modern computing demands. For instance, a 4-gigabyte RAM laptop was considered high-end a few years ago but can hardly support the browsing requirements of Chrome today. Some programs and applications might require upgraded specs to run, prompting you to hit the market in search of a new system.

Some laptop brands also tend to last longer than others. For example, Macbooks typically have a better battery and life expectancy than their Windows counterparts, which can add an extra 3-5 years to their expected life span. 

How to Know if You’re Getting a Good Deal

It can be difficult to tell whether you’re actually getting a laptop for a good discount or just a few dollars off the suggested retail price during sale periods. The best way to be sure is to know what the product sells for normally and compare how much you’re getting it now. There are a couple of ways to do this: 

  • Use a price-history tool — Some helpful sites track prices for a given product over time, letting you see if the sale price is the lowest it’s ever been at that particular retailer. 
  • Visit deal aggregators — These dedicated news sources maintain an up-to-date list of deals, allowing you to compare past and current prices. 
  • Check out user reviews — Comments and feedback from previous shoppers can be very helpful in validating the quality of a laptop sale. 

Find the Best Time to Buy a Laptop 

Choosing the perfect time to get a new laptop at an affordable price can be daunting. But with careful research and planning, you can save money and get the system suited to your needs and budget. Keep these dates in mind to take advantage of exclusive deals and promotions offered by brands and retailers in a calendar year.