AI Apps You Need to Increase Your Productivity in 2018

March 10, 2018 • Devin Partida


Maybe you decided 2018 is the year you’ll set a goal of becoming more productive and actually achieve it. Unfortunately, some people discover better productivity is an elusive objective once they start trying to reach that goal.

If you can relate, don’t worry. Artificial intelligence (AI) can use smart insights to enhance your time usage, and there are several AI apps to try.

1. Otter Voice Meeting Notes

People who’ve done it know transcription can become an extremely time-consuming process. However, Otter was one of the AI apps available for attendees of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress to investigate, and it could make your transcription tasks less time-consuming.

The app relies on AI for automatic speech recognition and can even detect multiple voices in a conversation. There’s also a keyword-searching feature for transcribed content.

Unlike many AI apps that cost money to use, the developers behind this one say they won’t release a paid version for a while. They’ve made that decision in the interest of encouraging people to give it a try. Download it for iOS or Android and see how it can speed up your transcriptions.

2. Trevor

Trevor is an AI-powered app that combines your calendar and task list into one interface. The application also has an integrated assistant feature that gives time-management tips.

One of its components still in the testing phase is a Trevor bot that’ll work on Messenger. If you send it a message with a task you have to do — such as buying a birthday present for your friend — it’ll provide smart suggestions about the best time and day to accomplish it.

That portion of the app had an expected release date of September 2017. Although things are behind schedule, you can still sign up to get notified about when the bot is ready for use.

For now, get acquainted with the main Trevor app to make it easier to get your bearings with the next phase.

3. X.ai

Scheduling meetings is probably a necessary part of your weekly routine. You’d also probably agree it’s not something you can get done with maximum efficiency. That’s because so much of the task involves communicating back and forth with attendees to confirm dates and details.

Fortunately, x.ai takes that cumbersome aspect out of your day by scheduling meetings on your behalf. You simply CC a dedicated email address when making initial attempts to plan meetings, then the app takes over and learns from every interaction.

4. Legal Robot

Unless you have a family member or friend who’s a lawyer, trying to make sense of a legal document is likely a chore that makes your productivity plummet.

Legal Robot could become your next favorite app and allow you to confidently sign or create contracts and similar kinds of paperwork without feeling overwhelmed or taking the time to hire a law professional.

It has an automated error-checking feature, along with algorithms that assess the content for fairness and level of risk. Also, AI technology compares your material with a database of others, then gives tips to help you follow best practices.

It also flags parts of the document that could be unnecessarily confusing. Try the iOS version or use Legal Robot on your computer.

5. Mezi

The growing number of travel sites can make it difficult to efficiently confirm travel arrangements. Even if you intend to book a flight or hotel in a half-hour or less, it’s easy to get lost in the process of conducting research and comparing prices or times, so you end up wasting an hour or two before realizing it.

Mezi is an AI solution that lets you provide trip preferences by talking to a chatbot. It gets smarter the more you travel. Besides doing all the pertinent research, Mezi also lends a hand when unexpected changes happen, like when flights get canceled.

It can also make your trips more enjoyable by automating reservations at restaurants, helping with the process of ordering concert tickets and more. After using Mezi for free on an Android or iOS smartphone, you can spend less time planning and more time getting excited about enjoying a destination.

A news release from Accenture highlighted how AI could boost productivity by 40 percent by 2035. Researchers believe that’ll be the case because AI lets people pursue innovation and creativity, thereby fundamentally changing the nature of the workforce and how it collectively gets things done.

Even if you haven’t explored the potential of AI apps at all yet, 2018 is the year to see what they can do. Then you might wonder how you ever functioned without them — and love how much time they save.