IBM Think 2022: What You Should Know

March 10, 2018 • Devin Partida


IBM plays a regular role in hosting a variety of events, including InterConnect, Pulse and Edge. In 2022, it will incorporate aspects of these events into one major event: IBM Think, taking place May 10-11 in Las Vegas and also online on a virtual platform.

The event touts a campus setting as well as a virtual event, which allow for discussions regarding innovation in technology and business both on and offline.

IBM Think strives to take the best aspects of IBM’s events of the past and consolidate it within a central hub, resulting in a clearer and more effective platform for addressing the challenges businesses are facing in the technological realm.

Event Layout

IBM anticipates IBM Think 2022 to be one of the largest technology events ever, with both a digital and a face-to-face experience. Aside from online networking through informative sessions and video conferences, the event spreads out across “campuses.” Each campus has a specific designation relating to technology, all featuring expert talks, demonstrations, networking events, sessions, demos and refreshments.

It has been focused on improving their with various sessions being hosted. In the past, this has included sessions such as:

  • Better Together: Integrating IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics
  • Empower Professionals across Your Enterprise to Make More Confident, Insight-Driven Decisions
  • User Experience: Future Design for IBM Business Analytics—Moving from Optional to Essential
  • Machine Learning: A Primer for the Non-Data Scientist

These are just a few of the many informative sessions that it will host. You can sign up on IBM’s website for more information and updates as IBM releases information about the event.

IBM Think 2021: Past Announcements IBM is one of tech’s most anticipated events of the year. New innovations are announced during sessions hosted by leadership in the most advanced fields like AI, Cloud, Analytics, and more. It announced IBM Cloud Pak for Data last year, which “uses AI to automate access, integration and management of data for AI without ever having to move it.”

They also announced IBM Watson Orchestrate, a new interactive AI tool for sales, HR, operations, and other business professionals. Maximo Mobile and WebSphere Hybrid Edition were also released as a part of the Maximo Application Suite for mobile.

Notable Speakers

The event is host to a variety of notable speakers across a variety of fields, ranging from scientists and financial experts to technology professionals.

In previous events, speakers have included scientist Dr. Michio Kaku, IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, American Airlines CIO Maya Leibman, NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang, American Cancer Society CEO Gary Reedy, IBM Watson Senior Vice President David Kenny, CNN’s Lisa Ling, Khan Academy founder Sal Khan and many more.

The event also features musical performances from very well-known acts like Train, The Chainsmokers and Barenaked Ladies.

IBM’s decision to incorporate aspects of previously successful events into one massive event is likely to make Las Vegas a temporary world hub for technology from May 10-11, 2022.

Panels that touch on emerging technologies and their application in business, in addition to brilliant speakers and performers, provide for an event that those who have interest in cloud technology, data, modern infrastructure, digital security and AI will not want to miss.