New Apple iPhone 15 Leaks: Are the Rumors True?

July 24, 2023 • Zachary Amos


The rise of Apple iPhone 15 leaks in recent months has caused a cascade of huge claims. They cover everything from specs to possible new colors. How do you know which to trust? 

What Are the Major Rumors?

Almost half of the people in America own an iPhone as of 2022. Despite routine product releases from the company, many still crave updates about the newest models. You’ve probably heard plenty of rumors leading up to the release of the iPhone 15, but it can be hard to keep track of them all.

Here’s the significant speculation surrounding the new generation of iPhones:

  • Name: While Apple will likely stick with the classic names for most of its new models, some claim the “Pro Max” will become the “Ultra” instead.
  • Appearance: Some Apple iPhone 15 leaks suggest the layout of each button will shift slightly. In addition, a video from Twitter reveals the back camera lenses will be larger than the previous generation. The frame will probably curve, as well.
  • Specs: So far, no videos or images show the internal components of the iPhone 15. That said, Apple bought 100% of the first batch of A17 bionic chips from a Taiwanese manufacturing company. The move signals its plan to use them in its newer models.
  • Camera: Some models may have a periscope lens, allowing for zoom and image quality enhancements. While some speculate it may alter the phone’s look, Apple will likely tuck most of it away internally. 
  • Price: Most rumors suggest the iPhone 15 will be more expensive than its predecessor. The previous generation’s starting price is $799, so it’ll likely cost no less than that.
  • Charging: One of the most significant Apple iPhone 15 leaks involves the charging port. Supposedly, the company is switching from the lightning cable to a USB-C version.
  • Display: Apparently, the screen size is increasing. The width of the bezels on the Pro and Ultra model may shrink to 1.5 mm, a 0.25 mm difference from the iPhone 14.  
  • Buttons: Multiple buttons might get a complete overhaul. One rumor suggests the dynamic island feature from the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will appear on all new models. In addition, Apple will likely replace the mute switch with an action button.

These leaks are unconfirmed. For the most part, everyone is making bets based on Apple’s behavior. Others have made claims about potential new colors or screen sizes, which are much more variable. There’s no guarantee to any of these rumors, but you can definitely have fun speculating.

Which Apple iPhone 15 Leaks Can You Trust? 

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Think back to the “pill-and-hole” leaks of 2022, for instance. While people had claimed for months that the iPhone 14’s display would feature a specific design, they were wrong. Many supposedly credible leaks turned out to be fake or partially incorrect. 

Getting hyped for new features is fun, but just remember to temper your expectations. Many people are using case manufacturers as a source. They might have some insider information, but their entire job is to create a product in time for the iPhone 15 launch. They may be operating on false information for the sake of potential profit.

That said, most of the bigger rumors come from seemingly credible places. For example, images of new iPhone cases came from a user on a popular Chinese blogging website. Apple produces most new iPhones in China as of 2023, so leaks from there may come from employees at its manufacturing facilities. 

Plus, multiple reputable publications have gotten behind some of the bigger claims. For example, Forbes confirmed its source’s validity in an article about design changes for the iPhone 15. Usually, believing such websites is a sure bet. Trusting prominent blogs or news outlets is fine, but be mindful that no leak is guaranteed to be true. Apple may always change things before launch. 

How Much Will Each Model Cost?

Although Apple sometimes keeps the cost the same for new models, many experts believe the iPhone 15 will be more expensive than the previous generation. It’s pure speculation for now, but you can use past prices to get a better idea.

Here are starting prices of previous iPhone 14 models:

  • The iPhone 14 was $799 or £849. New models may stay the same price. They have various changes and upgrades, but nothing major compared to other models.
  • The iPhone 14 Plus was $899 or £949. While the iPhone 15 Plus shouldn’t be significantly more expensive, it may be an extra $100 to $200. 
  • The iPhone 14 Pro was $999 or £1,099. Slimmer bezels and various improvements may tip the price over the $1,000 mark for customers in the United States.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max was $1,099 or £1,199. The periscope lens, bigger screen and better refresh rates may drastically increase the cost of the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Although the various Apple iPhone 15 leaks give us a better idea of potential ranges, there’s no telling how the company will actually price this new generation. You should expect to pay more if the cost of the Apple Vision Pro headset is any indication of their plans.

Ultimately, there’s no telling how much each one will cost because no one has any idea about the internal components. The only guarantee you have is that each one will be more expensive than their predecessors. 

When Should You Expect It to Arrive?

Apple has regularly announced new models in September during its events. There’s no reason to assume 2023 would be any different, so you can expect to see the iPhone 15 then. While some people project it to happen midway through the month, there’s no set date as of July.

Is There Truth to the Rumors?

While there’s likely truth to many of the Apple iPhone 15 leaks, nothing is guaranteed until the company comes out and says it outright. For the time being, feel free to speculate. Feeding into the hype can be fun, especially if the final product exceeds your expectations.