7 Knowledgeable and Entertaining Tech Influencers on YouTube

January 1, 2021 • Shannon Flynn


YouTube is a fantastic repository of knowledge on virtually any topic you can think of. When it comes to learning about cutting-edge technologies, you’re certainly spoiled for choice with tech influencers on YouTube.

Below is a roundup of some of the most entertaining and knowledgeable tech-heads on YouTube today. Whether you want the vicarious joy of unboxing a brand-new gadget, need in-depth knowledge about building or upgrading a PC, or want to know how the science behind modern technology actually works, there’s a channel here for you.

See any worth a follow?

1. Linus Sebastian (LinusTechTips)

Linus Sebastian is a well-loved Canadian tech influencer on YouTube who’s known for telling it like it is. His channel’s 11.4 million subscribers appreciate his characteristic mix of humor and honesty. Reviews cover the latest products from small and large companies alike, too, so there’s plenty of variety.

Gamers don’t need to go anywhere else for advice on building a great rig. Plus, if a major company releases a dud, you’re guaranteed to hear Linus go off about it. That way, you don’t have to find out the hard way.

2. Erica Griffin

Erica Griffin’s 873,000 YouTube followers know there’s no reason why women should be underrepresented in the technology media. Griffin is a thoughtful and knowledgeable reviewer of just about every kind of electronic device and accessory you can think of.

More than that, she’s a joyful tinkerer — she’ll show you how to make customizations and modifications to some of your favorite gadgets, too.

3. The Verge

When you need something that digs a little deeper into emerging technology news and trends, there’s The Verge and their community of almost 3 million followers. They post 90-second videos daily to round up the day’s tech news, plus the usual slate of reviews for coveted new products.

The bite-sized videos are fantastic, but it might be the channel’s deeper dives — like what 5G is and isn’t, and what smartphones tell us about the future of PCs — that keep viewers coming back week after week.

4. Lewis Hilsenteger (Unbox Therapy)

A 17-million-strong following on YouTube is nothing to sneeze at! Lewis has made a name for himself as a charismatic unboxer and reviewer of all things tech-related. The products that come across his desk aren’t always well-known, either. You’ll get fresh insights into little-known gadgets and accessories, not to mention a knowledgeable take on cutting-edge technologies like robotic dogs.

5. Kai Man (DigitalRev TV)

DigitalRev TV is the ideal YouTube channel if you want to learn everything possible about the world of digital photography and video. More than 1.9 million followers appreciate Kai Man’s thoughtful take on smartphone cameras, drones, professional cameras and photography accessories. You’ll also get a healthy dose of tips to take your own camera and videography skills to the next level.

6. MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

Marques Brownlee’s 11.7 million followers keep coming back for his mix of charisma, truthfulness and knowledge about everything tech-related. It’s not just about reviewing consumer products, either — Marques sometimes has interesting guests, like Bill Gates and Craig Federighi, who bring you insights straight from some of the most powerful companies in tech today.

7. New Scientist

Finally, we come to New Scientist — a YouTube channel that’s just a few followers short of rolling over the 200,000 mark. New Scientist is a bit different from other entries here in that they dive into the fascinating sciences that get baked into modern technologies.

New Scientist also features lots of hard-hitting lectures from brilliant men and women throughout science and technology, each one working to demystify another part of our headlong march toward progress, like quantum physics and technology ethics.

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Like we said, you’re spoiled for choice out there — and this is just the beginning! Science and technology move fast these days, so make sure you find a tech influencer on YouTube who’s just as quick on their feet.