15 Best Ways to Work From Home Part-Time

April 3, 2020 • Rehack Team


Ready to learn about the best ways to work from home?

Everyone experiences times in their life when they need to look for a job. You may have gone out for multiple interviews at towering business buildings or shopped for business-casual interview clothes. It’s a grueling process that can take a long time, which is why people have started to look for other avenues of employment.

Most jobs require people to be on the internet in one form or the other. Companies have begun to use this to open employment opportunities for people who want to work from home. Now there are jobs in many different fields that you can do from the comfort of your couch. You may be wondering where to start.

Check out the 15 best ways to work from home part-time and what careers you might be interested in. They could change what you think you’re interested in doing and how your future may look months or years down the road.

1. Find Your Passions

Before applying to any job, you have to know what you’re passionate about. You’ll spend much of your time working hard to earn your paycheck, so what do you want to do during those hours? Figure out your passions by reflecting on your hobbies and what you like to learn. Once you have a list, you can match those passions to job roles that are a better fit for you.

2. Make Your Plans Flexible

Another critical thing to keep in mind is that all plans are flexible. You might think you want to write from home for the rest of your life, but you could find an opportunity to join a team that does something different that captures your heart. It’s okay for plans not to work out as long as you enjoy what you do.

3. Learn About Scam Posts

While online jobs are great for so many people, they’re also a new way for scammers to get money or private information from people. Stay smart and learn how to spot scam posts so you don’t get fooled. Businesses you can’t research or posts with no link to the company aren’t worth your time.

4. Check Legitimate Job Sites

Sometimes people think that you can only find online jobs on special job boards, but they’re everywhere. Check all the hiring sites that you’d typically check and just make sure any exciting roles are for virtual employees.

5. Become Familiar With Video Chat

Employers may prefer to interview you over video chat because they’re in a different city or country. Brush up on video chat programs and review helpful buzz words so your resume and interview accurately depict your skills.

6. Never Pay to Work

Keep in mind that you should never pay to work for anyone. If you’re asked for money upfront before an interview or to get hired, it won’t be a legitimate job.

7. Amp Up Your Typing Skills

A popular way to work online is to find employment as a transcriptionist. You’d transcribe interviews and videos, which requires fast and accurate typing. Practice typing games to get better and find the right motivation to keep up your desire to work hard while you look for your next job.

8. Start Getting Published

Most jobs require some kind of previous experience in the same role, especially if you want to be a writer. You can fill out your writing portfolio by getting published in magazines and blogs. Save links to your work and give them to potential employers so they can read your content and see if you would be a good fit for their team.

9. Consider Insurance Positions

The insurance industry is one of the biggest employers of virtual positions. You could be a case manager, agent, IT manager and more. There’s also room for growth with major insurance companies, so you’d have a bright future with any job.

10. Teach Students of All Grades

If you ever tutored and enjoyed teaching kids, you can find work for that online. Whether you want to help international students learn English or assist college students with calculus homework, online tutors are a common resource for people who need help with their grades.

11. Download a Photoshop Program

Do you consider yourself an artist? You might have an online future in marketing. Download a photoshop program and play around with it so you can jump into the world of art and design in marketing. Practicing your skills is one way to become super productive overnight and be a better employee for your future boss.

12. Boost Your Numbers

Companies are always looking to hire people to run their social media. Boost your online following and show them what you can do. You may have a future in social media strategy and development or community building, which you can all do from home.

13. Show Your Customer Service Skills

Customer service is one of the most common skills in resumes, but it’s invaluable. Businesses like call centers or helplines need people with customer service experience to provide quality service without losing your cool. If you know how to handle problems on the fly and communicate effectively, check out customer service jobs to earn some extra cash.

14. Assist a Business Leader

Many people need assistants but don’t have the room to hire one full-time and in person. Virtual assistants help the world turn by answering emails, calls and scheduling meetings. They also help almost every kind of business, so think about what type of career you want and start as someone’s virtual assistant.

15. Look for Data Entry Positions

Data entry is a great part-time job because everything’s in front of you. Places like hospitals and music studios need data written out and saved in certain logs. You could save them time by taking on the work from home.

Do What You Enjoy

No matter how many hours you’ll devote to your part-time job, make sure you do something you enjoy. It’ll be worth your time and effort, leading to more job satisfaction down the road.