The Best AI for Android in 2018

May 10, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Android is host to a variety of exciting apps that utilize artificial intelligence. With AI on a continuous upswing, anticipating to reach $1.2 trillion in value by 2020, it’s worthwhile to dig into perhaps the most presently accessible form of AI: Smartphone apps. Here are the best AI for Android apps for use in 2018:

Google Assistant

When seeking a personal assistant AI on their Android, many opt for a familiar name with Google Assistant. The personal assistant app is among the best AI for Android apps, thanks to a wide array of features that range from the basics, like answering questions about the weather, to the more intricate, like anticipating your needs through deep learning.

Additionally, Google Assistant can link with smart home gadgets like Philips Hue lights for control. It’s useful that most smart home devices are compatible with Google Assistant, too.

Plus, with many people already using Gmail and Google’s full suite of apps, accessibility and synergy are already easier than perhaps all other apps that allege to be the best AI for Android.


Although Bixby is only available on Samsung devices, most of the limitations stop there. Bixby also supports smart home tech, in addition to conducting web searches, downloading apps from Google Play and supporting a number of apps.

Bixby is also fantastic in answering inquiries. Feel free to ask Bixby to set your screen brightness to 40 percent, or to show you photos from your most recent trip to New York City, and the personal assistant will quickly comply.

Bixby also has the power to identify things with Android’s camera, specifically products, wine, places and landmarks, text translation, similar images, and barcodes. Bixby will even provide random facts upon request.

The second iteration of Bixby is already on the way, involving incorporation into smart fridges and TV. AI apps are intent on enabling you to control functions in your home with ease.


Hound uses natural speaking from the user to display relevant results. Activate Hound by saying “OK, Hound,” and then engage with the AI. Ask about the weather, nearby restaurants, movie showtimes, an Uber ride and more. Plus, you can use SoundHound playlists to listen to your favorite music or video playback.

Hound is proud of its natural voice usage, comparative to stale commands. Whereas some AI apps require a specific instruction — like “find Italian restaurants” — for relevant results, Hound is capable of providing results upon a more conversational request. “Hey Hound, what are the top-rated Italian restaurants around me?” will turn up precisely what you’re seeking, while some other AI apps will respond with confusion.

Stifr Magic Cleaner

If you’re like most people, you have a variety of junk photos on your phone. There’s always the option of manually sifting through your photos and removing the ones you took by accident or duplicate photos that are wasting space. Stifr Magic Cleaner utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to organize your photos for you. Free, quick and easy to use, Stifr Magic Cleaner is worth considering if you’re seeking to free up space on your Android.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Personal assistant app Dragon Mobile Assistant is ideal for those who value quick communication. The app can send and receive messages from a variety of social networks, while also checking and reading email. The assistant AI also provides an Enhanced Attention feature, enabling you to “wake up” your phone with a single command.

Plus, for security purposes, a user can program Dragon Mobile Assistant to recognize only their voice and commands. Just say “Hello Dragon” to start.

These five Android apps all harness the power of AI, in ways that make the technology accessible to the mainstream, while still scratching the itch of AI enthusiasts who are seeking the cutting edge.