A Comprehensive List of AI Companies

July 25, 2022 • Shannon Flynn


Technological advancements are integral to everyone’s future, especially when it comes to business owners. Experts estimate that artificial intelligence (AI) will boost profitability by 35% before 2035, so it’s crucial for everyone to learn about the brands offering AI programs or services. This is a comprehensive list of AI companies pushing the world into a tech-focused future.

1. Google Cloud Platform

Google is always one of the biggest brands in tech advancements. It has nearly endless funding to invest in data analytics and AI, making it a leader in the AI field. Google currently sells numerous AI services to small businesses by acquiring AI startups and their research.

2. Sift

Between 2020 and 2022, annual consumer fraud loss rose 70% due to digital theft. Sift is an AI company that stops digital financial fraud from happening. It sifts through data to detect theft patterns before they occur, protecting companies and consumers simultaneously.

3. Siemens

When ransom hackers take down energy grids, companies like Siemens can provide backup solutions. Its AI software automatically generates electricity in case of an emergency and works with tech experts to fortify their network against future attacks.

4. Anduril Industries

After Palmer Luckey sold his virtual reality (VR) headset rights to Facebook in 2014, he co-founded Anduril Industries. It’s a brand that merges drones and vehicles to sense security threats on corporate or production properties. The AI prevents crimes more actively than passive, rooted security cameras because it’s always on the move.

5. Pymetrics

It’s challenging to know if someone’s right for the job, but recruiters can use Pymetrics’ AI software to better understand who they should hire. Pymetrics offers AI programming that comes in the form of an applicant assessment.

The answers a candidate provides will show the AI what their potential future within the company looks like and if the skills they bring to the table are promising. It can also point out behavioral similarities or differences between a candidate and existing staff members.

6. Nauto

The commercial shipping sector wouldn’t be the same without help from the latest technology. Nauto’s AI learning platform is part of that advancement. The company installs its AI model into commercial and autonomous fleet vehicles. While drivers operate them, the AI studies their abilities and watches the road to prevent accidents.

7. Verkada

Security cameras are an essential component for any business. Verkada works with those cameras to ensure everyone’s safety with AI capabilities. Its program stores all footage on a cloud server that’s easily accessible with a computer or mobile device. While the cameras are operating, Verkada’s AI encrypts whatever it records so all footage remains protected.

8. Salesforce

Salesforce utilizes AI to make purchases easier for business employees and consumers. Users can send messages to strategize financial moves within the program while the AI learns what customers need to enjoy their shopping experience better. It will suggest features like scorecards and recommendation builders to companies if it knows their consumers aren’t getting the full shopping experience online.

Review This List of AI Companies

Now that you’ve read this list of AI companies, consider which names you’ve heard about and which could inform your understanding of AI as a beneficial tool. There are many ways it serves everyone’s interests and will continue shaping the future, based on how these brands are using it today.