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The Best AI Art Generator: Top 5 in 2024

March 27, 2023 • Rehack Team


The best AI art generators are much more than funny meme creators — they’re changing the art world. AI art generators have become a trend recently thanks to the wider accessibility of AI and GAN technology. There are a lot of art generator algorithms available online today. Which ones work the best?

The Best AI Art Generators

If you’re looking for the best AI art generator, you might be overwhelmed by all the options at first. AI art generators have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, from memes to cinematic art that looks like the work of a professional. While building an AI algorithm usually requires coding, anyone can use these fun art generation algorithms.

Some AI art generators are free to use while others use a limited credit system or even require users to get on a waitlist for access. We’ve compiled a list of the best AI art generators in 2024 that are easy to use and access while also offering good performance.

1. DALL-E 2

Scene created using DALL-E 2 algorithm

No list of the best AI art generators is complete without the now-famous DALL-E 2 program. DALL-E blew up on social media thanks to the mix of wild and often uncanny art that users created with it. 

Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E 2 converts text prompts into images. You can create images in many different art styles with this algorithm, from photo-realistic renders to Renaissance paintings and everything in between. Sometimes the result is comedically ridiculous, but DALL-E 2 can also create some truly stunning art.

2. ArtBreeder

Randomized character art created with ArtBreeder

ArtBreeder is one of the best AI art generators, with a key advantage over the others on this list. On ArtBreeder, you don’t need to pay for any premium plan and there are no limits on how many images you can generate total or per day. There is a premium plan available, but most of the main features are fully available without paying a cent. 

ArtBreeder is most popular for creating AI-generated portraits. The faces it can generate are completely original, yet still incredibly realistic. There are over a dozen different settings that users can customize to edit and fine-tune their generated images in real-time. 

In addition to portraits, ArtBreeder can also generate landscapes, buildings, paintings, science art, album covers, characters, furry portraits, and anime portraits. Unlike most of the other generators on this list, ArtBreeder is image-based, not text prompt-based. You can use images you have already created as well as images others have created to guide the algorithm toward certain features or art styles, in addition to built-in customization settings.

3. Dream by WOMBO

Three different images created with Dream by WOMBO using the same input text

Dream by WOMBO is the best AI art generator for creating original NFTs. You can also simply create regular images using the algorithm. Dream by WOMBO has extra features built-in, though, that make it easy to turn your AI-generated images into NFTs, mint them and publish them online. 

This AI art generator has some unique image styles, as well. The “comic” style is especially interesting – it creates multiple images in panels like in a comic book or graphic novel. The first image on the left above is one example of this style. 

Dream by WOMBO has over a dozen different image styles to choose from, plus “remix” capabilities. This allows you to go back and edit images you’ve already created to get them just right. Dream by WOMBO is also available on Android and iOS as an app.

4. NightCafe

Cinematic art generated with Stable Diffusion on NightCafe

NightCafe is widely considered one of the best AI art generators. It acts as a sort of hub for a few different generation algorithms that you can choose from. The two most popular are DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion. There is even a model that can mesh images to mimic a certain art style, such as creating an image of an astronaut in the style of Van Gogh’s Starry Night

The one downside to NightCafe is the limited images you can generate. NightCafe uses a “credits” system where you get a small number of free credits every day, but once you use them up, you can’t create any more images without paying for a subscription. However, you can also earn credits by interacting in the NightCafe community.

5. Deep Dream Generator

A pirate ship at sea created with Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is one of the best AI art generators due to its wealth of features. It is one of the most versatile on this list, with text-to-image, image-based generation, and style mimicking. 

One unique feature of Deep Dream Generator is the ability to add “tags”, which help direct the style of generated images. There are all kinds of tags to choose from, even including numerous famous artists. You can also “evolve” or re-generate images you have previously created to tweak them or create similar images. 

Unfortunately, Deep Dream Generator uses a similar “credits” system to the one used by NightCafe. You get a limited number of credits to start with, but have to pay for more through a subscription plan. Some features, such as high resolution, are locked behind a paywall. Different types of images use different amounts of credits. For example, text-to-image uses five while “deep dream” images only use two.

The Future of Art

The best AI art generators are changing the future of art, making it more accessible to those who lack the resources or skills to create art by hand. AI generated art can even broaden our creativity. Sometimes the strange, outlandish creations that AI generates include ideas or features that human artists might not have thought of otherwise. So, have some fun checking out the incredible AI art generators on this list – they’re the future of art!