How to Use These 10 Popular Torrent Websites

October 2, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


If you’re someone who loves enjoying movies, TV shows and music found online, you’ve probably come across torrent websites, which contain files for torrenting. Torrenting is a downloading process where a torrent file — also called a tracker — for a type of media gets broken down into small pieces.

Then, a user relies on people who access torrent sites and already have the downloaded media on their computers to get each necessary part. The tracker keeps tabs on that process as it happens until the download completes.

Public and private torrents exist. Public torrents are open to anyone with torrent software, while only people registered to the torrent sites that offer the file can access private torrents.

How to Download Torrents

In the same way people download Instagram videos through particular processes, they go through specific steps for downloading on torrent websites.

First, you need to download torrent software that handles the .torrent files. Then, while looking for torrents, search for ones with high numbers of seeds. Seeds are the sources for the file, meaning the people who can help you get the content.

You can also look at the health associated with a file when learning about torrenting. Better health means a higher number of people making the media available to others, helping you get it faster.

Be aware that some torrent files — such as those for copyrighted material — are illegal. Others may contain dangerous data that puts you at risk for cyberattacks.

Now that you know the basics of torrenting, let’s take a look at 10 torrent websites you should check out, and the basic steps for using them. Keep in mind that the processes are the same whether you use a VPN for privacy or not.

1. Torrentz

This website has a meta-search feature that pulls material from torrent sites across the internet, thereby saving you time. Torrentz is incredibly easy to use since you just type a search query in the box at the top of the page.

Then, scroll down to find an appropriate torrent from the list of results. Be aware that clicking on one takes you to an external site, and some of the results at the top of listings are ads.

2. LimeTorrents

In addition to using the main LimeTorrents search box, you can click on one of the main content categories — such as apps or movies — below it to browse the available content. This site’s layout also helpfully separates the ads from the downloads with a horizontal line and designated categories for sponsored material.

Choose one of the search results, then click the link with the green download arrow to the left of it to start receiving the media.

3. Dirty Torrents

Dirty Torrents is another torrent indexing site like Torrentz. One thing that sets it apart is that some sections show the top torrents by category and overall.

Use the search feature in the same manner as for the sites already covered. Also, consider clicking the Recent link above the search bar for the newest material.

4. Popcorn Time

This site claims to offer torrents that let you instantly stream movies. You have to download the Popcorn Time app first, then choose a file. You can also decide whether you want high-definition material or subtitles.

5. 1337x

This oddly named torrent site offers alternative domains for you to use in case the main site gets taken down, as torrent sites often do. Click the categories below the alternative domain address on 1337x shown to browse each one.

6. is a movie-based torrent site that lets you browse the offerings by clicking on mini movie posters. Hold your cursor over one and click the View Details button. There’s a download button on that screen, plus a synopsis of the film and other relevant information.


As you might guess from the name, EZTV mainly offers TV episodes. It even has a section at the top showing the most recent ones. Alternatively, the top search bar works well for finding older content.

8. WorldWide Torrents

Besides the basic search bar, WorldWide Torrents has an extremely specific advanced search section that prompts you to search for everything from non-fiction books to dubbed movies.

Once on the torrent details page for the chosen content, click the Download button directly beneath the title. Be careful, because the site has many pop-ups, and redirect advertisements. The selection is extensive, though, which could make those downsides worthwhile in the end.

9. Nyaa

Nyaa’s homepage immediately shows the most recent items. But, a search box at the top of the screen allows for more precise interactions with the available content. The drop-down menus to the left of the search box allow narrowing down a search prompt by category.

There is also a Report button on the right of a torrent’s information page that allows people to call attention to torrents that don’t follow the site’s rules.

10. TorLock

TorLock’s design is like some of the others on this list, with the newest torrents in a category on the main part of the screen, and a search box on top. You can also scroll down to browse TV, movie and music torrents without using the search feature.

Use Torrent Websites With Caution

These 10 are among the most widely used torrent sites, but some users might have malicious intentions and upload files containing viruses. So, it’s a good idea to do virus scans even more often than usual when using them.

Also, because so many torrent websites contain copyrighted material, they get taken offline often. So, you might have to find a few backup options in addition to your ultimate favorite.