Google Home And Personal Productivity

May 20, 2016 • Devin Partida


First Apple had the best voice recognition program with Siri. Then Amazon blew that out of the water with Echo’s Alexa. Now Google is getting into the game.

Home is Google’s newest product, which will be released later this year, and it’s a direct competitor to Amazon Echo. It’s a small speaker you plug into your wall, and it’s always listening for your commands to play music or control the room temperature. Think of it as the everyday household version of Iron Man’s Jarvis.

While it sounds a lot like Amazon Echo, Google Home is going to have a few features that set it apart from its competition.

Google Home’s Features

The most obvious difference from Echo is how Home looks. Its speaker is shaped like a small cylinder that’s angled at the top. It almost looks like a candle without the wick. Right away it has a homier feel to it than Echo’s straight black tube.

Unlike the portable Echo, Home is a device that is plugged into the wall. This means the speaker and microphone can be stronger and more responsive. Google wants to focus on playing music, and this is an important aspect of the product.

Google Home is compatible with Chromecast. This gives it the ability to communicate with other Chromecast devices in your home. If you have Chromecast installed in your TV, then Home can tell it what to play. You can also have a Google Home speaker in one room communicate with a speaker in another room.

Let’s say you’re in your bedroom but want music to play in the living room for your guests. You can tell the Google Home device in your bedroom to play music in the living room.

For now, some of Google Home’s features haven’t been announced. However, it will focus on music and the ability to answer questions.

google home and personal productivity

How It Boosts Productivity

Sure, Google Home is a futuristic device that’ll be able to play, entertainment, answer your questions, and do just about anything you ask it to do. But how can this improve your productivity?

For starters, the speaker is incredible. If you work well with music, then this is the device for you. Melodious sounds help the release of dopamine, which can increase your productivity. You can use Google Play Music, but it should also support services on Google Cast like Spotify. This means any music that helps you work will be readily available for you.

Google Home should also allow you to adjust the room temperature. It’s been proven certain temperatures make you more productive. With Google Home, you don’t have to leave your desk to change the temperature. Have the device adjust it to the temperature you work best at.

One of Google Home’s main feature is the ability to ask questions. Just think about it. What website do you always go to when you want something answered? You go to Google. In fact, the phrase “Google it” has become synonymous with researching something. Now you have that resource ready whenever you need it. Need to research something for a book you’re writing? Just ask Google Home, and you’ll have the answer. You no longer need to waste time to learn new information.

Google Home will dramatically alter your productivity on a daily basis. It’s always waiting on your command and will do whatever you need it to do in an instant. It’s like having an assistant always at your side ready to do any task you might otherwise waste time on.

Google Home might just become the new standard for how we live our lives. It will help you whenever it’s needed and make you much more productive.

As Google rolls out this service, only time will tell how many people adopt it into their lives.