7 Headphones for Studying That Students Will Love

April 5, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Headphones for studying are almost as necessary as laptops and highlighters for many students. They’re beneficial for helping listeners get engrossed in recorded lecture content or block out noises in a crowded common room. Several options on the market perform well while catering to students’ characteristically modest budgets.

1. Creative Sound Blaster JAM

The Bluetooth functionality in these headphones for studying keeps you from getting frustrated by inconvenient wires. Plus, the 12-hour battery life means the tunes don’t have to stop even when you’re engaged in a marathon exam-cramming session.

A bass-boosting feature makes beats sound satisfyingly deep, while an omnidirectional microphone provides phone-call-making capabilities when you’re on the go. Also, since these headphones for studying are so lightweight, you won’t feel bogged down when trekking across campus for your next class. ($39.99)

2. MEE Audio Runaway AF32 Stereo Headphones

The bold colors of these stereo headphones make them easy to spot in a messy dorm room. Also, the audio controls embedded in the headband section allows for changing the volume or track without further disrupting a wearer by making them take off the accessories and fiddle with them.

Because these headphones work wirelessly but come with an audio cable, students have options when using them for their listening pleasure. The well-padded ear cups promote long-term comfort, too ($39.99)

3. Linkwitz P88 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Thanks to active noise-canceling technology, these headphones are excellent for perpetually distracted students who need to hit the books. The collapsible, ergonomic design makes the accessories easy to carry and comfortable to wear, respectively.

It’s also possible to seamlessly switch between the wired and wireless modes. That could be helpful when using an old device that doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.

Audio controls on the side of one of the ear cups offer hassle-free access and facilitate customized listening experiences, too. ($79.99)


Constructed with high-resolution components inside each ear cup, these affordable audio accessories offer an ultra-wide frequency response to ensure music sounds as it should through study sessions for any class.

The single-sided cord resists tangling, and although the headphones have a 1/8 jack, they come with a 1/4 adapter that improves versatility when listening with gear with different-sized ports. ($9.99)

5. BlueAnt Pump Zone Bluetooth Headphones

Buy these options in your choice of several cool colors and appreciate the long battery life that offers over 30 hours of high-definition playback. The built-in microphone works with Siri and Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice cues to boost productivity during study breaks or while using apps to solidify concepts in your mind.

Designed to excel during gym workouts as well as study sessions, this model has sweat-proof ear cups made from antimicrobial materials. The included carrying case and foldable design also enhance portability no matter where you go on campus. ($59.88)

6. Edifier H840 Professionally Calibrated Headphones

Ideal for music students, audiophiles or both, this option comes in either blue or black. These headphones are tuned for high-performance results by Phil Jones, a known expert in the audio recording realm. They also have comfy ear pads and an adjustable band, helping them stay in place as students move around residence halls or libraries to find the best study spaces. ($39.99)

7. iDea USA AtomicX V200 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Besides the advanced technology that keeps exterior sounds out, these headphones feature a rechargeable battery that gives up to 16 hours of continuous playback, as well as built-in music controls that provide quick access.

An integrated microphone lets people talk to friends without holding their phones. The large, soft ear cups also stay in place during wear and rotate 115 degrees for convenient storage after a studying session ends. ($75.99)

Whether the goal is to temporarily block out a noisy roommate while prepping for an exam or enjoy high-quality sound while grooving to beloved tunes that keep stress levels as low as possible, these headphones are terrific picks.

They’re all reasonably priced, and some only cost as much as — or less than — a sit-down meal at a restaurant with a friend.