Home Improvement Tech to Enhance Your Abode

March 17, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


You probably spend more time in your home than anywhere else. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to do everything you can to transform it into a place where you love to spend time. Home improvement tech can help you do that. Here are some tempting products to help you upgrade where you live, even on a modest budget and with limited free time. 

Go Hang It! Pro

Putting some new artwork on your walls is an excellent way to freshen up the space and show off your personality. However, it can be tricky to hang things straight, especially when working alone. The Go Hang It! Pro is a purpose-built tool to end your frustration. It has a removable level and several features to facilitate hanging pictures with wire, nails, D-rings and sawtooth hardware. 

People who’ve tried it say it turns picture-hanging into a stress-free experience, and that the product is great for novices or those who need to hang lots of pictures. 

Users find the gadget particularly handy when hanging items side by side, such as to create collages. Whether you need to decorate with a few new pieces of art or want to add several new items to every room, this product can help. 

hai Smart Showerhead

Most people look forward to coming home after a long day and enjoying a relaxing, hot shower. The hai Smart Showerhead takes that experience to the next level. This product lets you use an app to set a preferred shower temperature. An LED light on the showerhead illuminates to tell you when the water’s just the way you like it. 

The hai Smart Showerhead also comes in six beautiful colors, making it easy to personalize your bathroom with this home improvement tech. Data lovers will also appreciate all the content contained in the app. 

You can track your water usage and see the energy required to heat your water to the desired temperature. Such statistics are great if you love taking showers but want to turn them into a more sustainable activity. 

Kuna Camera Porchlight

If you’re like many people, you like a home security camera’s potential to improve safety but could do without its conspicuous appearance that takes away from your house’s aesthetics. The Kuna Camera Porchlight was made for you. 

Choose from several finishes and styles, including one that looks like a streetlight. There’s a camera concealed in this functional light, proving Kuna understands the importance of multifunctional home improvement tech. 

The camera features 24/7 high-definition recording, two-way communication capabilities and smart detection features. You can also upgrade to a premium plan to get more-advanced options.

TUO Circadian Smart Bulb & Shadeless Lamp Set

Smart bulbs are among the most recommended home upgrades due to their energy-savings potential. Some also change colors, helping you set the mood. However, you may not know that smart bulbs could help you get a better night’s sleep and feel more energized during the day by providing light to match your body’s natural rhythms. 

That’s the goal of the stylish TUO Circadian Smart Bulb & Shadeless Lamp Set. The minimalist-style lamp looks like a base made of a block of wood. A toggle switch at the bottom makes it easy to turn the light on or off. 

What makes this light source different from most is that it provides a customized amount of illumination based on things like your sleep patterns or the time of day. You can even wake up to gradually increasing light or wind down as the lamp gets progressively dimmer.  There are also features that let you alter the light’s brightness or make the light look cooler or warmer. 

Airthings View Radon Sensor

Radon is a radioactive gas that naturally gets released from rocks, soil and water. It can leach into your house through small cracks or holes and build up over time. The radon particles make you more likely to develop lung cancer. That’s why you may want to monitor them in your home. Experts also suggest radon testing happens before and after home renovations. 

The Airthings View radon sensor has the latest technology for digital radon detection. The product is a wireless and Wi-Fi-enabled product with a battery life of up to three years. Customize the digital display so it shows the information you want, then wave your hand in front of it to see the radon reading at any time. 

The accompanying app lets you see trends over time and change settings to receive notifications.  The monitor also has built-in temperature and humidity sensors, helping you get a clearer picture of your home’s environment. 

Purchase Some Home Improvement Tech Today

You deserve to love where you live. These products are great examples of products that can make your home more high-tech and enjoyable.