How People Pull Off an IoT Wedding

March 10, 2020 • Zachary Amos


To make your wedding experience easy and fun, embrace IoT weddings like most modern brides. IoT, also known as the Internet of Things, is the term for tech that makes life easy by connecting people to the internet. It’s used all over the world in many different business and industrial settings. Lately, the wedding industry has embraced it as brides depend on technology during their big day.

The wedding industry is big one. In fact, in the US alone, there are an average of 6,200 weddings a day.

That means thousands of brides around the world spend months getting ready for their big day. They coordinate with planners, venues and other professionals so every detail is perfect. Although it’s fun to make all your decor by hand and spend hours trying on dresses, technology makes it easy to both plan and enjoy your wedding day.

Check out how people are using IoT on their wedding day to
make it more fun and enjoyable. Once you’re inspired, you might want to use
some of these tips to help create and save those memories.

1. Capture a Bouquet Video

Brides almost always ask their photographer or
videographer to capture them walking down the aisle. They want to show off
their dress, but they also want people to notice their bouquet. Bridal bouquets
are expensive and put together with lots of planning. They’re supposed to be a
focal point, which is something brides are using to their advantage.

Bigger bouquets can easily hide a mini camera, so
brides use portable cameras like Go Pros to film their wedding from their
perspective. The video automatically uploads to a cloud program of the bride’s
choice, so it’s immediately safe from the camera potentially falling and
breaking or getting splashed during the reception.

2. Use a Smart Alarm Clock

Anyone can wake up to a traditional alarm clock, but
your wedding day requires more planning. Ditch your fallback and use a smart alarm instead so it wakes you right on
schedule. It will coordinate how much time you need to get ready with what the
projected traffic and weather will be when you leave. That could save you from
running into a traffic jam on the way to your ceremony or forgetting an

3. Share Your Location

By the time your wedding day arrives, the people in
your wedding party will have been through your rehearsal dinner and possibly
visited your venues. They might remember how to get where they need to go, but
your guests won’t. 

Don’t spend time worrying about fielding calls from
people who get lost on the way to your ceremony. Share your location through
GPS apps so you can track where everyone drives. If you get a panicked text or
call from a guest, you can pull up the app and immediately tell them how to get
to your venue from wherever they are.

4. Try Virtual Makeup

Brides plan their wedding day makeup weeks or months in
advance, but things can go wrong at the last moment. You might lose the
lipstick you wanted to wear or miscommunicate the eyeshadow you prefer.
Whatever happens, you’re safe when you try a virtual makeup app and experiment with it
ahead of time.

With apps like these, you can try on any kind of makeup
you like and play around with your look. It could save your wedding day and
prevent you from choosing a color that doesn’t look as great when it’s not in
the lipstick tube. Augmented reality may become a bride’s new best friend.

5. Buy a Robot Bartender

Paying a bartender to take care of your guests
during your wedding can add up, which is why brides now turn to robots for
help. These internet-connected bartenders get to know your guests and personalize drinks to whatever they
prefer. This is a great advantage to have if you know people who are picky
about what they drink. Plus, you can keep it after your wedding and reuse it at
future parties. 

6. Fly a Drone

Drones are another IoT device that is relatively new to weddings, but comes in handy. Most people picture drones in business or industrial settings, but they’re great for weddings because they automatically capture photos and videos from angles and heights people couldn’t recreate.

Use a drone on your wedding day for videos and
photos that will look stunning from above. You could even livestream your
ceremony from the drone, assigning an operator to silently shift to different
angles as you say your vows.

7. Project Live Pictures

Brides personalize the decorations on their cakes
down to the last detail, but that’s stressful. Instead of ordering an elaborate
design, project 3D images and decorations on your cake after
your caterer sets it up at your reception. This allows you to change the decor
as much as you like.

Project pictures and videos onto your dance floor,
too. Tell your guests to use a specific hashtag related to your new last name
or your wedding so the DJ can quickly find pictures and videos that guests took
just moments before. Projecting those onto your dance floor or a photobooth
wall makes the entire event feel more intimate, even if you have hundreds of

8. Create an Online Donation Link

Wedding gifts traditionally pile up on a table
somewhere in your reception area, but modern brides now opt to use IoT on their
wedding day via an online donation link. Link to it through your wedding
website or social media and ask people to donate to a fund you create. You
might use the money for your honeymoon, the down payment on your first home or
to ease financial stress for the first few months after your wedding.

Online donations are also an excellent option for
brides who want to throw an eco-friendly wedding. Online donations decrease the
number of guests who use wrapping paper and cards that aren’t sustainable. A
quick click allows them to give you a gift that reduces the ecological waste
leftover from your big day.

9. Design Personalized Filters

When people go to any event, they want to post
pictures of it on social media. They’ll want to do the same at your wedding, so
design personalized social media filters
to embrace the photos and celebrate with them. For just a few dollars, you can
create unique filters that only last for your wedding day and only at your
venue. They’re a fun way brides use IoT on their wedding day.

10. Set up VR Entertainment

Guests generally expect the same few things at any
wedding. They know there will be vows, a cake and plenty of food. They also
expect a DJ and dancing to keep them entertained, but there’s a new way guests
have fun with technology at weddings.

Now, brides set up VR entertainment at their
reception by renting or buying virtual reality headsets. Guests can play games
between trips to the buffet bar, and others can watch their progress through
the projected video or a nearby screen. It’s an entertaining way to use the
internet to your advantage and surprise guests of all ages with something fun
at your venue.

11. Choose a Digital Guestbook

There are different ways to personalize your
guestbook experience, depending on what you like and the vibe of your wedding.
Some brides like guests to take photos and sign the back or drop marriage tips
into a jar. Others embrace the digital age and choose an online guestbook to minimize costs and save the memories

A virtual guestbook might be a website where you
create an account or an app you download onto a tablet. Guests can sign with a
digital pen, take photos, or record videos of themselves for you and your
spouse to look back on later. Save it all to your preferred backup cloud
program to ensure it’s never lost or damaged, which can happen to physical

12. Direct Gifts Online

Use your wedding website to your advantage and
create a page you display at your wedding. It should direct guests where to
send or place your gifts, so there’s no need to print out an extra sign and pay
for a frame. It’s also useful for people who won’t be able to make the
ceremony. They might send their presents to your venue or your home, depending
on what information you provide on your website.

Think While You Plan an IoT Wedding

Once you start planning your wedding, you’ll have a better idea about how IoT can make your day easier. Use a smart alarm to avoid traffic, capture videos with a drone or use VR entertainment to amaze guests of any age. The internet can make your wedding easier than you ever thought possible, as long as you figure out how to seamlessly merge it with your vision.