Xbox One Blu-ray Player: Guide and Troubleshooting

August 14, 2023 • Devin Partida


The Xbox One Blu-ray Player app is the key to watching any Blu-rays or DVDs you want directly from your gaming console. This free and official app is easy to download and use with just a few button presses. 

How does Xbox One Blu-ray support work? What can you do if Blu-rays and DVDs are not playing correctly on your device? This guide covers the steps to install the Blu-ray Player app and some helpful troubleshooting tips. 

How to Use the Xbox One Blu-ray Player App

If you’re curious about Xbox One Blu-ray support, you may be excited to learn that you can play Blu-ray movies on your gaming console. The Xbox One has built-in support for Blu-ray, although it does require some set up. 

If you tried playing a Blu-ray disc on your Xbox One and it didn’t work, it is most likely because you haven’t installed the Blu-ray and DVD Player app. Usually you’ll see an automatic prompt to download this app the first time you insert a Blu-ray or DVD disc in your Xbox One. If you’re not seeing the prompt, though, you can download it manually, as well. 

To add Xbox One Blu-ray support to your console, navigate to the Xbox Home by hitting the central logo button on your controller. From the menu, select Home then select the Store app from your Home screen. 

Navigate to the Store’s search bar and search for “Blu-ray”. One of the first results you see should be the official Blu-ray Player app. You should not have to pay anything to install it. Select “install” and allow the app to finish downloading onto your console. 

Once it is complete, try inserting your Blu-ray disc again. This time, the Blu-ray Player app should launch and run your disc with no issues. 

It’s worth noting that you also have the option to stream or rent movies on your Xbox One. You can download your favorite streaming apps directly from the Store app or use Xbox Video to rent movies individually. 

Can the Xbox One Play DVDs?

Xbox One Blu-ray support allows you to watch your favorite movies without crowding your TV with an extra Blu-ray player. What if you want to watch something on DVD, though? You’re in luck – the Xbox One also supports DVD discs. 

Just like with Blu-rays, you need to install the Blu-ray Player app to run DVDs on your console. Despite the app’s name, it is also made for playing DVDs. You should not need to download a separate app if you already have the Blu-ray Player app installed. 

If you don’t have Blu-ray Player installed yet, though, it’s easy. The simplest method is to simply insert the DVD you want to play in your Xbox One console. This should cause a prompt to pop up on screen with a link to download the Blu-ray Player app from the Xbox Store. You can select it to start the installation process. 

If a prompt isn’t coming up, though, navigate to your Home screen using the central logo button on your controller. Select the Store app, navigate to the search bar, and search for “Blu-ray”. From the list of results, select the free Blu-ray Player app and allow it to install on your console. Once the app is fully installed, you can try playing your DVD again. 

Xbox One Blu-ray and DVD Troubleshooting

If your Xbox One Blu-ray Player app is installed but Blu-rays and DVDs are not playing on the console, it could be due to a variety of issues. Common problems include scratched or region-locked discs, eject button issues, outdated software or broken disc drives.

Some troubleshooting can usually reveal the cause for the main problems that commonly cause Blu-rays and DVDs to not play properly on an Xbox. 

DVD or Blu-ray Not Playing After App Installation

If you installed the Blu-ray Player app and your Blu-ray or DVD disc is still not playing or triggering an error, you may have a bad disc. The most likely issue is a region-locked disc that doesn’t match the region you are in or the region of your Xbox One console. 

Xbox consoles are coded for a specific region when they are manufactured. If you purchased an Xbox console that was made in a region other than the one you live in, that might be causing this issue. Likewise, if your DVD or Blu-ray disc is for a region other than the one your Xbox console was made for, it won’t run on your console. 

It’s worth noting that Xbox game discs are not region locked. So, it’s possible to use your console for months before noticing a region-specific issue. Check the region number on both your console and the DVD or Blu-ray disc you want to play to see if they match. 

Blu-ray or DVD Won’t Go in Xbox One

If you’re trying to insert a Blu-ray or DVD disc into your Xbox One and the console is not allowing it, the most likely cause is that there is already a disc in the device. Hit the eject button to make sure you did not leave another disc in by accident. 

If no disc ejects, there might still be a disc in your console, but there is some issue with the eject button preventing it from working correctly. Completely power down your Xbox and restart it. After the restart cycle is completely finished, try ejecting the disc again. 

If the eject button is still not working, check for a software update by hitting the central logo button on your controller. Select the Guide and navigate to the “Profile & System” menu. In this menu, select Settings, then System, then “Updates & Downloads”. 

This screen should show you if there are any updates waiting to install on your console. If there are, allow them to download. Once any updates are complete, try ejecting or inserting a disc in your console again.

 Disc Drive Mechanical Issues

If the disc drive is still not working, there could be a couple possible mechanical issues with your console. Either the console is not accepting discs at all or a disc is stuck in the console. 

This could be due to a broken or underpowered roller in your disc slot, preventing the console from rolling out the disc tray. The disc drive itself could also be dead due to a variety of possible mechanical failures, such as a broken lever. It’s even possible for the disc drive to get jammed by debris, preventing the mechanical components inside from moving or sensing discs. 

Unfortunately, if your disc drive is broken, it most likely needs replaced. Occasionally, it’s possible to fix the disc drive, but it’s usually not a DIY job. Your best bet is to visit a local electronics repair store or contact Microsoft support to find the most convenient repair services and have a new disc drive installed on your console. 

Xbox One Not Reading Blu-ray Discs

Once in a while, an Xbox One console may accept a disc but show an error when trying to play it. If you can put discs in your console but it isn’t reading them, you may have a disc drive issue. 

First, try playing a game or movie you know works, such as one you successfully ran on your console recently. You can also try playing discs on a friend’s Xbox One console. Try running the known-working disc on your Xbox One and see if it causes an error. 

If it’s only one specific Blu-ray or DVD that isn’t reading, it’s most likely an issue with the disc and not your console. The most common cause for a specific movie to not run on an Xbox is an issue with the region on the disc. 

If no Blu-rays, DVDs or even games are playing on your Xbox, though, your disc drive itself may be having a problem. For example, the laser in the disc drive may be broken or blocked. Debris and dust build up can cause this and jam mechanical components in the disc drive. The issue could also be as simple as the position of your console. Make sure it’s sitting horizontally when you try to play Blu-rays and DVDs. 

If you think your Xbox One may have a mechanical disc drive issue, the best course of action is to take it to an electronics repair store or computer expert who can inspect it without breaking it. You can also contact Microsoft support for guidance on troubleshooting your specific device and finding the most convenient repair services. 

Using the Xbox One Blu-ray Player App

The Xbox One Blu-ray Player App allows you to play both Blu-rays and DVDs on your gaming console so you don’t need separate disc players. You’ll need to download the app to play these discs on your console, though. Technical issues playing a disc on your Xbox can be due to a variety of software-related or mechanical issues.