Streamlabs Chatbot Commands List: A Comprehensive Guide

July 30, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


The Streamlabs Chatbot, also known as SLCB, is a bot hosted on its own server and comes packed with features to use on Twitch. SLCB can also be used on Discord or in the cloud, but Twitch is where this bot will shine. Formerly known as Ankhbot, the StreamLabs Chatbot commands list has exclusive features for you to use completely free.

If you’ve ever run a Discord server or had to automate something, you’ve likely run into bots in the past. If not, then you should know that moderation and efficiency is just a little bit of technical know-how away.

For streamers on Twitch, especially, the chats can get so involved that you’d have to need a bot to form some semblance of control.

How To Download and Setup Streamlabs Chatbot

There are a lot of different ways to set up the SLCB depending on where and how you’ll be using it, but the Twitch Bot and Twitch Streamer setups are similar.

Once you’ve made an account for the bot, you have to go to connections from the left corner of the screen and click on the bot or streamer of your choice.

Click on Generate Oauth-Token to open the Authorization page for the bot. Click on Authorize and you’re in. You may have to choose your connection type between Regular or Secure.

Regular will connect you through Port 80 while secure will go through Port 443. You click on connect and both should immediately connect to chat. If a pop-up displays that the token doesn’t belong to the twitch account, then something went wrong along the way.

Some Basic Commands

There is a lengthy Streamlabs Chatbot commands list to benefit even the most arduous bot user, but if you’re just starting out or need a few basic things, then you won’t need to know all of it.

This list is for the most useful commands you may find with SLCB, and they’re listed in alphabetical order

  • !BET: With the betting system, viewers can participate by betting on what will happen in the stream with their well-earned points. Any viewer can use !bet (id) (amount) to bet on outcomes. The editor can use commands like !betting start, !betting stop, !betting abort and !betting winner (id) as they see fit.
  • !COMMAND: The editor can add customized commands to the bot, making this the most useful feature since you can do almost anything you want. The proper command is !command add (command) (permlvl) (response), but you can also use !command edit, !command remove and other tools to make sure you have everything you need.
  • !DEATH: While it may sound awfully morbid, the death command keeps a count of your in-game deaths, a fun feature for viewers to see. You can start the count with !death (num) then add and subtract with !death + and !death –.
  • !GIVEAWAY: With the giveaway command, you can hand out points to in a sort of lottery or raffle type of affair, making the channel more engaging for viewers. !giveaway start (command|prize|permission), !giveaway close and !giveaway winner will be the most useful commands in this structure.
  • !POINTS: This command allows you to give out or remove however many points to whoever you choose. The basic command of !points will show how many points a user has. Meanwhile, !points add (name) (amount) and !points remove (name) (amount) will add or remove them. There’s also the useful command !transfer to move points from one account to another.
  • !POLL: Polls are another fun way to keep your viewers engaged and participating in your content. Start up a custom poll with !poll start (question|options) while the viewers vote with the command !vote (option). When you’re ready, use !poll stop to end the poll and see the results.
  • !SONGREQUEST: A lot of Twitch streamers will have songs playing, and the SLCB can act as your personal DJ. Viewers can use !songrequest (url/token) to request a song, but there are a lot of options for them and you to use. These options are !skip, !veto, !songblacklist, !wrongsong, !songlist and !volume.
  • !STATUS: Basic dashboard commands are important for behind the scenes stuff when getting your stream ready. The commands !status (message) and !game (message) can show what your stream is displaying to everyone. You can also use !starthost and !stophost for automated hosting.
  • !TIMER: Timers are always useful implementations on a bot and you can use them for infinite reasons. You can create and change timers with !timer add (name) (response) and !timer edit (name) (response). You can also control them with !timer remove (name) or !activate (name) (true/false).
  • !UPTIME: This one delves a lot more into data and parameters but is still very useful. With $uptime or !uptime, you can display how long the stream has been playing for.

The Efficiency of Chatbots for Live Streaming

Chatbots can really make a large online gathering a lot smoother to manage. You’re going to get some bad apples on a public forum. However, the StreamLabs chatbot commands list can help add extra security to your platform. That’s probably their most important asset.

However, they make the stream more fun for viewers and help you optimize your channel any way you want, especially with customized commands. The limit to the SLCB’s potential is your imagination.