6 Best Dog Cameras of 2022

February 28, 2022 • Devin Partida


Whether you’re away from home for work or a trip, you want to have a dog camera that allows you to check in on your beloved pups. Dog cameras can give you peace of mind and will enable you to keep an eye on what trouble your dogs could get into. 

Some cameras have more security features than others, while others still are interactive and allow you to talk to your pups. The dog camera you choose to buy will depend on your dog’s needs — but you can rest assured that these are the best of the best.

The Best Dog Cameras for Treating Your Pups

If you’re away from home for a long time, you’ll want to show your pups some love and possibly talk to them throughout the day. Even though you’ll have people checking on your dogs when you’re away from home for a while, finding a dog camera that allows you to talk to and treat your pups can help give you peace of mind.

1. Nooie

This dog camera is relatively affordable, which is excellent for all the benefits it provides its user. It can rotate to capture a crucial 360 view and has a great night vision feature that allows you to see into the room even when it’s dark out. You can hear what your pets are doing, but the best thing about this dog camera is that you can talk back to your pup. After hearing your voice, your dog is bound to stop making trouble and look forward to you coming home to them.

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2. Blurams

Blurams is an overall security camera that can work many functions: keeping an eye on your house, watching over a baby or making sure your pet is safe and doesn’t get into trouble. This security camera can feed a crisp picture to your phone even in dim light. It doesn’t record all the time, just when motion is detected — meaning that you can save on power and won’t feel distracted by a constant live feed of your pet throughout the day.

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3. Netvue

Netvue is an excellent dog camera that alerts you whenever it detects motion. It also features a 360 view of your home, and it can rotate vertically, too. You can store any feeds for around a month after they’re recorded, making this camera and app an excellent option for someone who doesn’t plan on checking on their dog 24/7 but still appreciates being able to see and talk to them when away from home.

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The Best Dog Cameras for Keeping an Eye Out

Sometimes, troublemaking canines require dog cameras that will watch their every move. If you have little pranksters that like to get into mischief, consider containing them in a single room when you go out. That way, your dog camera can pick up every move they make.

1. Petcube

At just $40, this affordable camera can do almost anything. While you can’t talk to your dog through the app, you can stream a 1080p HD live feed directly to an app on your phone. You can get updates for sound and motion alerts, which can make a difference if you allow your pet to roam the house while you’re gone. Perhaps the best feature of this camera is that it has a built-in vet chat that you can access if you see something concerning on your screen.

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2. Furbo

The Furbo camera is famous for a reason — it’s a luxury camera that does it all, from allowing you to communicate with your pet to treat tossing to a barking sensor that can help you ensure the security of your home. 

The barking sensor sends a notification to your phone whenever your dog barks, allowing you to check on your home right away to chase away any unwanted visitors. You can stuff the camera full of treats and reward your pup with a treat whenever you access the app, thanks to Furbo’s unique treat tossing feature.

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3. WOpet

WOpet is a slightly more affordable version of the Furbo. While it may not be as famous, the WOpet also offers the treat tossing feature and two-way audio that allow you to have conversations with your pup and reward them for being such a great listener. This camera requires a stable Wi-Fi connection and dry food only, but you can also use the voice controls to ward off any intruders you see in your home.

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Treat Your Pup to the Best Dog Camera

Choosing the perfect dog camera for your lifestyle is no easy feat. You want one that will allow you to keep an eye out for any danger easily, and if you have it within your budget, one that will enable you to talk to them and reward them for being the good boy or girl that you know they are. Dog cameras ensure your pup’s safety when you’re not around, and it can brighten your day to see your favorite canine on your phone screen while you’re not there to give them cuddles.