How The Amity App Could Make Messaging Even Easier

September 9, 2016 • Devin Partida



With text messaging becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, we’re confronted with a number of benefits as well as disadvantages to being constantly connected to others. So, what is the Amity app?

While text messaging certainly lets us broaden our social circles and even keep in touch with close friends or co-workers, the sheer act of texting can cause us to withdraw from the real world, decrease our productivity or even cost us a job.

To counteract such negative effects, the new Amity messaging app promises a “new level of interaction.” Amity is still in its infancy stage. However, its success could very well open the door for further integration and versatility within future apps.

By combing a plethora of features that once required multiple apps and maybe even multiple smartphones, the development team at Amity was able to come up with a unique app that is meant to bolster our everyday productivity.

Introducing Live Mode

Amity’s Live Mode, which is unlike any messaging app we’ve seen to date, provides an unprecedented level of interaction between friends or co-workers. With a live connection, there’s no waiting period in between messages. Instead, your message is received the second you hit the send button.

Business professionals can also use Amity to significantly bolster their day-to-day productivity. Through the elimination of any noticeable downtime between messages, you’ll be able to send time-sensitive communications faster than ever. Sudden workflow changes, evolving deadlines and new objectives can all be accommodated without inconveniencing any of the parties involved.

Versatility in Messaging

The app’s versatility really shines when it comes to sharing other forms of digital content, including images, full videos, web links and even voice messages. You’ll be able to connect with online friends and associates like never before, all while retaining your mobility, freedom and productivity.

In fact, Amity is very supportive of today’s mobile users. With the ability to request a photo through the Amity app, you’ll be able to see exactly what your friends or co-workers are up to and just what they’re seeing. Amity even keeps a record of the content you have already shared, so you’ll be able to revisit your media and relive your memories. In order to making the app as accessible as possible, Amity is available for Google Android as well as Apple iOS.

When used in a business setting, these features can be used to verify employee hours or productivity, share digital documents and organize remote, group-oriented meetings. Independent entrepreneurs can even use the app to exchange ideas, maintain long-distance partnerships and broaden their industry contacts.

Opening the Door for Further Integration

Simply put, Amity’s true innovation comes from the combination of various messaging capabilities. In a world where many of us are now using several different smart devices, including one or more smartphones, Amity provides all the functionality we’re used to within a centralized app.

Because of this, you won’t have to waste your time switching between screens, tapping through menus or navigating a complex user interface. Instead, Amity offers its complete range of functionality through a straightforward, familiar and simplified messaging platform.

The development team at Amity has already pledged their commitment to regular code revisions and software upgrades, and they’ve already introduced several bug fixes since the app’s initial release.

Leading By Example

If nothing else, the fast-paced development and comprehensiveness of Amity is a testament to productivity in and of itself. Conceptualized, coded and released within two years by a startup team of only eight IT professionals, the app really shows what long-term dedication and productivity can do.