8 Apps for Meetings That Will Make You a Star

January 5, 2018 • Devin Partida


Meetings might not be the most exciting parts of your day, but many jobs in various sectors require them. Fortunately, numerous apps make meetings go more smoothly. After you start using them, you’ll probably suggest your colleagues depend on them, too.

1. Zoom

Can’t attend your next meeting in person? No worries! Zoom is a sleek meeting app for iOS and Android that lets you start or go to meetings of up to 100 people despite any potential distance between you and them. To get clarification from another person in the conference, use the built-in instant messenger function. The app also supports screen-sharing, which is helpful for meetings that may require visuals for better comprehension.

Price: Free

2. Minute

Minute is an iOS app that lets you get ever closer to the goal of paperless meetings. It helps you and other attendees collaborate to make agenda items, then keeps all those topics and any associated documents in one place for everyone to access as the meeting happens. App users can review and revise notes within the app and export them to popular programs, such as Dropbox, a productivity app using cloud-based storage.

Price: Free Basic Version or Premium for $2.00/Month or $33.99/Year

3. Microsoft OneNote

The variety of notetaking applications available makes it even easier to be productive during meetings. One of the great things about Microsoft OneNote is you can use it to capture drawings and audio notes as well as typed notes during a meeting. Some tech analysts consider OneNote the biggest competitor to Evernote, a similar app. An especially convenient advantage of the audio note feature is it syncs the notes you write to the proper place on a track, allowing you to swiftly take notes while listening back to a recording of a conference you just attended.

Price: Free

4. MeetingKing

After using the MeetingKing iOS app, you may be surprised at how much more you can get done while having shorter meetings. The app features agenda templates you can use to specify the essential topics covered during a gathering. MeetingKing also recognizes your shorthand and automatically converts it into professional meeting minutes. An intuitive search feature helps you locate past discussions, too.

It’s also possible to assign tasks to people directly from the app, plus send follow-up reminders. Then, your meetings are genuinely worthwhile because they hold individuals accountable.

Price: Access to the Complementing Service Starts at $9.95/Month After a Free Trial

5. Doodle

Doodle is a meeting-scheduler app Doodle is a meeting scheduler app you can use on iOS and Android, plus in a standard web browser. Take the hassle out of choosing a time and date for your next meeting by suggesting several options, then inviting people to vote for the one that suits them best.

This app includes several time-management benefits, such as syncing to your calendar, making it possible to create a meeting poll or participate in one without leaving the calendar view grid in Doodle. View all surveys in one place on a personalized dashboard, as well.

Price: Free Version Available with Premium Plans Starting at $39/Year

6. Fuze

Available for Android and iOS, Fuze also offers desktop clients for Mac and Windows users. It’s an ideal meeting app for people who often share ideas via telephones. Plan video meetings with colleagues and guest users, plus use the instant-messaging feature to chat with people in your contacts list while there’s a meeting in progress. You can also share content during a session by pulling it from your phone’s media library or an installed cloud program.

Price: Free

7. Sli.do

Interactivity sometimes suffers at a large or lengthy meeting, especially when attendees listen in from around the world. However, the Sli.do app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms, aims to make that reality a thing of the past.

It allows users to make the most of the Q&A portion of a meeting by picking the questions they most want to be answered. An anonymous setting for Q&As increases participation from people who might otherwise feel fearful about speaking up.

You can also run live polls during a meeting and get real-time insights about participants. Share the results with them to promote transparency. You can choose from multiple poll types too, such as a standard multiple-choice query or a word cloud. With Sli.do’s newest installed features, you can use the latest updates to better manage the app at special events, conferences or daily business meetings.

Price: Basic Plans Are Free, and Premium Options Start at $199/Event or $900/year

8. Team Meeting Timer

Fed up with meetings that drag on too long? Download Team Meeting Timer for Android. It offers unlimited time tracking that give you perspective about the actual time spent in meetings. Once you set the meeting length, the countdown starts automatically. That constant visual cue could stop you and others from getting long-winded.

Price: Free

Thanks to these eight apps, meetings could become more enjoyable. They might help people you know to manage their meeting time more productively, too.