Climate Crisis Solutions: Is It Too Late?

December 31, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


It’s no secret that climate change is affecting the planet in many ways. An increase in natural disasters and loss of snow and ice are only some of the signs that, in recent decades, Earth has experienced a lot of negative changes.

Thankfully, we can face climate change head-on through several solutions. Here are some climate crisis solutions that are easy to implement and make a big difference in the health of our planet.

What We’re Dealing With

Let’s first talk about what this issue is and why it

Often, the term “global warming” is used alongside “climate change.” The former refers to the temperature of the world’s surface, while the latter includes that and its harmful side effects.

Earth’s temperature has fluctuated for millions of years. Throughout the past few centuries, it’s become clear that the planet is warming at a more rapid rate. 

Humans are almost solely to blame
for this — the greenhouse effect, which heats the globe naturally, is
now impacted by our use of fossil fuels, among other activities.
While there are natural causes at play here as well,
they aren’t as significant. 

How We Can Help

There have already been several initiatives launched to
fight this ongoing crisis. It may seem too late or far-fetched, but saving the
planet is something we can achieve so long as we work
together. Here are a few ways you can take action and make a change for the
betterment of the Earth.

1. Contact

Above all else, those with the most influence are lawmakers and corporations. The easiest way to make your voice heard is to call or email your local and state representatives.

Create an outline of what you want to say, determine which representative to contact and relay your message. Urge them to sign bills that replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources. This draws attention to the matter and puts pressure on them to act.

2. Lower Your
Carbon Footprint

What we do daily contributes to the very emissions that harm the globe. How we travel, shop and eat determines the effects we have on greenhouse gas production.

There are many simple yet powerful ways to lead a more sustainable life — use public transportation, eat less meat, buy from thrift stores. If you’re curious about what the exact numbers are, you can calculate your carbon footprint and go from there. By making a few of these adjustments, you can quickly reduce your impact.

3. Cut Out

These days, plastic is used for almost everything, from bicycle helmets to televisions. It can seem unavoidable, and its influence on our environment is substantial. Single-use plastics, like takeout containers and water bottles, are equally as harmful.

Make an effort to eliminate plastic from your life. Purchase a travel mug for drinks, pack your lunches and remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.

4. Encourage
Others to Act

It might seem like all this effort is going to waste. After all, you’re only one person. However, when we make it a point to live in a more eco-friendly way, we influence others to act similarly. Many people look to their friends, family and communities to determine how they should behave. This is why trends and fads exist.

If you make sustainable choices, your peers will as well. To make even more use of your influence, talk to your loved ones about climate change. Present them with the facts and encourage them to get educated.

Time to Get Started

Saving the Earth from climate change is a time-sensitive
matter. There’s a lot of damage we can’t reverse, but if we act now, we have
the chance to prevent further harm. Start by raising awareness, lowering your
footprint and urging others to act. Future generations will thank you.