Internet Service Providers in North Las Vegas

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If you’ve recently moved to North Las Vegas and need help finding a reliable internet provider, explore these options and decide which will offer the best service for you.

While you research, keep in mind that North Las Vegas is a city apart from the greater Las Vegas area, and internet service differs between the two municipalities.

Internet Service Providers Near Me in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas currently has 23 internet providers in the area, but you can whittle your best options down to six residential services:

  • CenturyLink: 52.68% coverage area
  • Cox: 39.41% coverage area
  • Rise Broadband: 46.2% coverage area
  • Viasat: 74.93% coverage area
  • HughesNet: 98.97% coverage area
  • T-Mobile Home Internet: 16.1% coverage area

Cheapest Internet Providers in North Las Vegas

1. CenturyLink

CenturyLink offers the lowest internet prices in North Las Vegas, ranging from $35 to $65 a month across five different plans. With such a flexible price range, this service provider is great for families of all sizes.

However, you may have to pay a $125 installation fee because of your environment and the structure of your home. Double-check with an employee to see if you can avoid this fee. Self-installation is another option, depending on your location.

2. Cox

Cox specializes in cable internet and television. Its lowest price is $29.99, but prices for the larger bundles can reach $229.99. Thankfully, Cox provides five plans and eight different bundles, so odds are good the company has a plan that fits your budget.

Keep in mind that Cox requires a one-year fixed contract, so if you are new to North Las Vegas and don’t want to get tied down by any long-term deals, consider another service provider.

3. T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s fixed wireless service has consistent prices between $50 and $55. However, those prices apply to just two plans, so your options are limited with this provider.

Still, they require no yearly contract, so if you want to try a widely recognized brand with a good track record, T-Mobile is a low-risk, high-reward option.

High-Speed Internet Options in North Las Vegas

1. Cox

Cox has the fastest internet in North Las Vegas, with download speeds reaching 1 gigabit per second (1 Gbps or 1,000 megabits per second) and upload speeds up to 35 megabits per second (Mbps).

With such exceptional download speeds, this internet service provider works well for streaming your favorite television shows and movies.

2. CenturyLink

CenturyLink’s download speed can also reach 1 Gbps, but overall, its speeds are more consistent and have a lower floor than Cox’s. While Cox’s speeds can dip into double-digit Mbps, CenturyLink stays above 100 Mbps.

A consistently high speed allows for uninterrupted gaming and creates a reliable work-from-home setting.

3. Viasat

A satellite internet company, Viasat’s speeds reach 100 Mbps. It’s a relatively low ceiling, but still more than enough to get the job done.

If you are adamant about getting a satellite internet service, then Viasat is the fastest option. However, rival satellite company HughesNet boasts wider availability and lower prices, so if you prioritize those factors more, HughesNet is the way to go.

Who Has the Best Internet Service in North Las Vegas?

1. CenturyLink

Based on speed, pricing, and availability, CenturyLink is the best overall service provider in the area for most people. The internet is more than fast enough for all your browsing needs, no long-term contracts are required, and you have five plans to choose from.

The only caveat is the installation fee, but it’s a small price to pay for consistently fast internet.

2. Cox

Cox is the next best option in North Las Vegas. Five plans, eight bundles, and breakneck download speeds make this the perfect provider for families that stream a lot of content. Still, CenturyLink’s internet performs better with other tasks.

3. Rise Broadband

There’s a substantial dropoff between Cox at number two and Rise Broadband at three. While CenturyLink and Cox excel at several things, Rise is relatively average across the board. With fair prices hovering around $55 and a consistent speed of 25 Mbps, this internet option will accommodate your basic browsing needs.

Installation is free, and you don’t have to commit to any contract. It’s worth noting that Rise has experienced power outages in some states, including Nevada, so consider that when weighing your options.

Does North Las Vegas Have Good Internet?

Although it’s the fourth-largest city in Nevada, North Las Vegas ranks 11th in internet availability. However, according to FCC data, between fiber internet, fixed wireless, DSL, and satellite, 97% of homes have multiple internet service providers in North Las Vegas to choose from.

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