Internet Service Providers in Reno

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Looking for the best internet service providers in Reno?

Reno has plenty to offer for residents, but what happens when you want to hang out at home? You’ll need reliable internet to watch your favorite shows, play online games, or catch up with friends on social media. These are the best internet service providers in Reno, Nevada so that you can set up the best upload and download speeds for your lifestyle.

Internet Providers Near Me in Reno

Anyone living in Reno should take note of their address. You’ll need your specific home location to start a productive conversation with an internet provider. Think about contacting these popular companies to get started with your price comparison:

Some of these providers have more extensive service networks than others, so keep your address handy while inquiring about what’s available where you live.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Reno

Anyone can minimize their spending to stick with their budget, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on your internet quality just to avoid costly bills. While you’re looking for the cheapest internet providers in Reno, check out AT&T.

AT&T has traditional satellite and ethernet internet, but it also offers fiber optic network connections to some areas of Reno. It’s more reliable because it’s hardwired and can work with a range of speeds.

Viasat is another budget-friendly provider. They bundle internet and TV for their cheapest package at $35 per month. Another perk for economical internet surfers? Viasat locks their prices into place for two-year contracts, so you don’t have to worry about annual contract hikes.

High-Speed Internet Options in Reno

EarthLink wins the internet speed race for Reno residents. Depending on your street address, you could enjoy 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) and stream content instantly. Having gigabit internet is fast enough to allow 20 people to stream 4K videos simultaneously without using even half your allotted bandwidth. It’s excellent for anyone in a large home or a residential unit with numerous roommates.

The next comparable package comes from Spectrum. The provider can set clients up with 940 megabits per second (Mbps). That’s close to EarthLink’s 1 Gbps package, but for a potentially more budget-friendly price.

Who Has the Fastest Internet in Reno?

Although you might think of national brands like Spectrum and AT&T when you picture the fastest internet in Reno, EarthLink is the surprising winner. The company requires contracts for all clients, but they have incomparable speeds for people who need fast internet at home.

Does Reno Have Fiber Optic Internet?

Reno does have fiber optic internet capabilities, but it depends on your neighborhood’s location. Only 22.95% of Reno currently has fiber connectivity, so provide your specific home address when speaking with providers. They’ll locate your current or future living space and recommend the fastest internet service available in that area.

Who Is the Best Internet Provider Around?

According to the latest data from U.S. News, Xfinity is the best internet provider. They have solid reviews across the nation, but the provider isn’t available in Reno. The best internet available in Reno from the same database is AT&T, based on high customer satisfaction. You’ll know if that’s the best provider for your needs if they have packages in your price range that would also serve your internet usage, like video conferencing or streaming.

Discover Internet Service Providers in Reno

Now that you’ve read about the top internet service providers in Reno, consider what you need from your connectivity. Paying more for a faster speed could be worth it to people who work or attend school from home. Whether price, speed, or contract length is your priority, you’ll find the best provider for your home by comparing these popular companies.

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