Internet Service Providers in Louisville

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If you are new to the Louisville area and are looking for a new internet service provider, you can rest assured that Kentucky’s largest city has fast, reliable options. Peruse the providers below and see if any of them are a good fit for you.

Internet Service Providers Near Me in Louisville

While there are 34 total internet providers in the area, you can narrow your options down to the following residential providers, ranked in order of availability:

  • Spectrum: 91.6% area coverage
  • AT&T: 85.9% area coverage
  • T-Mobile: 43.4% area coverage
  • EarthLink: 23% area coverage
  • HughesNet: 4.14% area coverage
  • Viasat: 1.46% area coverage
  • Windstream: .34% area coverage
  • Xtream: .13% area coverage

What Kinds of Internet Does Louisville Have?

AT&T and Spectrum occupy most of Louisville’s surface area, and then we see a significant drop-off in availability. Those two companies specialize in fiber-optic, cable, and DSL internet, which are the most common forms of internet infrastructure. You have other options, though:

  • Fiber-optic: AT&T, EarthLink
  • Cable: Spectrum, Xtream
  • DSL: AT&T, EarthLink
  • Copper: Windstream
  • Fixed Wireless: AT&T, T-Mobile
  • Satellite: Viasat, HughesNet

Cheapest Internet Providers in Louisville

If price is your primary concern, each of the eight service providers offers fair prices for their coverage. Prices will vary depending on the size of your plan or bundle, but you can expect your monthly internet expenses to fall within the following ranges:

  • AT&T: $35-$129.99
  • Windstream: $37-$85
  • Xtream: $39.99-$109.99
  • HughesNet: $39.99-$149.99
  • EarthLink: $49.95-$99.95
  • Spectrum: $49.99-$152.97
  • T-Mobile: $50-$55
  • Viasat: $64.99-$249.99

High-Speed Internet Options in Louisville

Internet speed has never been more important, as more people are electing to work from home due to the pandemic and other factors. You need a fast service provider that can handle all of your remote work tasks, in addition to streaming, gaming, and regular browsing.

If you’re looking for a provider with consistently fast internet, here are the three best providers in the Louisville area, based on minimum speed:

  • Spectrum: Minimum 200 megabits per second (Mbps)
  • T-Mobile: Minimum 115 Mbps
  • Windstream: Minimum 50 Mbps

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the fastest possible speeds, you’ll want to take a look at these providers:

  • AT&T: Maximum 1,000 Mbps (or 1 gigabit per second)
  • Spectrum: Maximum 1,000 Mbps
  • EarthLink: Maximum 1,000 Mbps

Based on the above statistics, Spectrum is the best choice for high-speed internet. AT&T and EarthLink’s fiber-optic services can reach 1,000 Mbps, but their cable and DSL services do not, so keep that in mind when selecting a plan.

Which Provider Offers the Best Internet in Louisville?

When we take speed, price, and availability into account, the best all-around internet service provider in Louisville is AT&T’s fiber-optic plan. Fiber-optic internet supports the highest speeds, enabling you to perform every action you desire on the internet: high-speed gaming, streaming in 4K definition, remote work, video conferencing, and more.

Spectrum is also a wise choice, but its cable service won’t reach 1,000 Mbps quite as often as AT&T’s fiber-optic internet. Both providers offer generous bundles, which also sets them apart from the competition.

Does Louisville Have Good Internet?

Louisville’s internet service is still a work in progress, as it’s the 38th most connected city in Kentucky. According to the FCC’s latest data, about 3,000 residents have access to one provider or none, while the rest of the population can choose between two or more.

However, the city shows great promise for future internet access, with a steadily growing population plus a greater emphasis on remote work. Kentucky’s largest city should see a boost in internet coverage in the years to come as it becomes a more relevant hub in the midwest, along with Chicago, Indianapolis, and Kansas City.

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