Internet Service Providers in Lexington

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Living in Lexington, Kentucky has many perks, but finding the right internet provider can be challenging. There are multiple internet service providers to choose from in Lexington, so whether you prioritize budget, speed or location, you’ll be able to find one that works for you.

How Many Internet Providers Offer Service in Lexington, KY?

Among the internet providers in Lexington, six are well-known and offer excellent service to customers. While there may be more internet service providers in Lexington than these six, the providers listed here seem to be most reliable in one or more of the categories customers tend to search for.

Internet Providers Near Me in Lexington

If you’re looking for internet service providers in Lexington that will service your area no matter how remote it is, you should turn to the providers with satellite internet options.

1. HughesNet

HughesNet is a reputable and well-known provider that services all of Lexington thanks to its satellite network. Starting at around $60 per month, you can have internet service no matter where your home is in Lexington.

2. Viasat

Viasat offers its satellite network at high speeds for any responsibility in your life. Whether you want to catch up with friends or work from home, you can do it all easily with Viasat starting at $50 a month.

3. Metronet

Metronet offers fiber-optic internet, which is a fantastic bonus to the great deals it offers. While it wasn’t available everywhere initially, Metronet is slowly expanding the service it provides to the Lexington area. Prices start at $60 per month.

4. Windstream

Windstream is another of the well-known internet service providers in Lexington. In addition to the great price of $45 a month, Windstream plans to bring faster internet service to Lexington soon via kinetic internet, which is speedy and reliable.

5. AT&T

The most well-known on this list, AT&T is a reliable provider that specializes in more than just internet service. You can bundle your internet with phone service and visit the multiple in-store locations around Lexington for more personalized help.

6. Spectrum

Spectrum is an excellent option for customers still on the fence about internet service providers in Lexington — they offer no contracts or termination fees, and if you’re stuck in a contract with someone else, they’ll buy it out so you can give them a chance.

High-Speed internet Options in Lexington

Many households need to support multiple devices in their homes simultaneously, so fast internet is a must. 

The “best” internet provider isn’t an easy answer. Overall, you may opt to go with AT&T. It’s a well-known brand that cares for its customers well and is available almost everywhere. Windstream, Metronet and Spectrum have the fastest available plans, with over 1,000 Mbps. If speed is the most important factor, consider looking at plans from those three providers.

Cheapest internet Providers in Lexington

Even if you’re on a budget, you can find internet service in Lexington that works for you.  

Overall, the cheapest choice would be Windstream. However, as with any provider, you have to look at the plans. Windstream might be the most affordable, but the plans that match have slower download speeds of only around 15 Mbps. Still, the speed may be a worthy sacrifice for a low price for budget-savvy buyers.

What Internet Service Providers in Lexington Are Right for You?

You should examine a few things when deciding which internet service providers in Lexington are right for you. Think of how many people work from home or will be using multiple devices at a time. Many of the high-speed providers will have plans that can work with you, and you can always bundle your internet service with another offer with some companies to bring your costs down. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the right fit for your household.

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