Apps for Spring: 5 Excellent Choices

March 17, 2016 • Devin Partida


New mobile apps are released constantly, but most people still tend to stick with a relatively short list of go-to apps in their rotations.

With spring upon us it might be a good time to freshen up your mobile device, particularly with apps that increase productivity and save time, allowing you to concentrate more on the things that make spring fun.

Below are five new apps for spring that will help boost your health, knowledge and productivity.

Mealime for iOS


People want to feel and look better in the spring, but eating healthy can be both expensive and time consuming. The Mealime app for iOS devices can give you a hand with the time-consuming portion of that equation.

The app begins by asking users specific preferences when it comes to food, such as allergies you may have and how much meat or seafood you’d like to include in your diet.

Mealime takes that information and lays out a basic health-conscious meal plan, including a grocery list for all the ingredients you’ll need. Items at the list can then be checked off as you pick them up at the market.

In the spirit of making things easy, the app also has a website with step-by-step instructions on how to access it across devices and platforms.

Doo for iOS


There is no shortage of to-do apps, but Doo keeps you productive by adding a Tinder-like swipe feature to the mix.

Users set up daily to-do lists with the app, and tasks can be organized and prioritized using its list view.

When reminders pop up for an upcoming task, users can swipe up to complete the task or swipe down to snooze it for later. Need to make a run for groceries but the latest episode of your favorite series is getting intense? Swipe down and save the trip for later.

Users can also customize a number of things, such as snooze durations and alert schedules.

Sweatt for iOS


Working out is one thing, and finding someone to spend time with is often another big priority during springtime, and the new Sweatt app addresses both of those.

Sweatt is a dating app for the fitness community, but don’t be intimidated if you’re one step (or more) below being considered a gym rat. The app’s algorithm works with your individual lifestyle, matching you with potential partners based on factors such as workout frequency and time of day.

It also allows you to easily update photos from other social media platforms by uploading from Facebook, Instagram and your iPhone’s photo library.

MyZone for iOS and Android


Fitness company MyZone has a new version of its tracking and coaching app that makes it easier to use and will help you easily compete with your friends as you get in shape this spring.

The app’s motivational points system creates a level playing field by setting goals based on personal effort and your own fitness level, in theory letting people with different fitness levels compare results.

The downside is that, for MyZone to work properly, you have to buy and wear the $150 MyZone belt. Still, a neat concept as fitness trackers start to go above and beyond.

Otto Radio for iOS


Why not get into a new podcast this spring? Podcasts are the future of audio media consumption, with recent popularity driven by NPR’s “Serial” podcast.

The Otto Radio app from CarGlass, available on iOS with plans in the works for Android, helps ease one of the main reasons why podcasting hasn’t grown even faster–the lack of a single resource for users to easily search and browse through podcasts.

Describing itself as a “Pandora for podcasts and news,” Otto Radio recommends and selects podcasts, news stories and in-depth audio features that match your interests. Just like most music apps, listeners can give podcasts they don’t like a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to fine-tune your interests.

The app also has big plans for the future, including the ability to listen offline and integration with in-car operating systems. It’s one of the best apps for spring you can download today.