7 Apps for Making Music on iOS and Android

November 12, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


Do you want to become a music producer with just your phone or computer? Whether you’ve bought into the Apple ecosystem or are a lifelong Android user, there are plenty of apps for making music you can use.

If you’re a guitarist, SoundCloud musician or someone with a mere interest in rhythm, music creation plays a critical role in pursuing your passions. Realistically, though, you can’t lug your studio gear everywhere you go.

Today’s digital age offers a solution — you can still bring your music along with the click of an icon. Not sure which programs are worth downloading? Here’s a look at some of the best apps for making music you won’t want to miss.

1. Music Memos

Never understate the power of inspiration on a whim. While Music Memos may seem like a simple note-taking app, its influence runs deeper by helping musicians organize future productions — even while on-the-go.

Music Memos isn’t just for simple ideas, either. Record singing and instrumental snippets to come back to when you’re feeling inspired. As a bonus, this app provides rhythm recommendations based on the audio you record.

2. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

If you desire a beginner-friendly app to help you dabble in music, Voice Recorder & Audio Editor is your new trusty sidekick.

The app is free to download — so you can play around with its features guilt-free. Enjoy continuous recording without charges as you work on your next big hit.

3. Groovebox

Groovebox turns professional music-making into a simple task. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned musician, this app ensures you create the perfect sound each time.

Play with the app’s touchable instruments and master the sync parameters to employ a rich harmony.

4. GarageBand

Do you want to turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable music station? Get the full production experience with touch-based instruments.

Musicians enjoy GarageBand for its simple interface and varied instrumental options. If you’re an advanced artist, import your own audio files to edit sounds in no time.

5. Korg Gadget 2

Korg Gadget 2 is a nifty music production app that packs a strong punch for the price.

Do you want a fully-automated tool with built-in community sharing options? With Korg Gadget 2, you can explore user-generated music creations and share your art with others.

6. SunVox

SunVox is a powerful modular synthesizer featuring a pattern-based sequencer with a tracker interface. While this app has a learning curve, users enjoy its advanced music-production capabilities.

With SunVox, you’ll enjoy access to an analog generator, countless built-in sounds, a vocal filter and a module that will take your music to the next level.

7. Figure

Create incredible music with Figure, all before you eat that last bite of bacon and eggs. Change audio recordings with overdrive, delay and modulation, producing unique and creative sounds. When finished, don’t forget to share your new vibes with other users and discover what people love about your melodies.

Whether you’re new to the realm of music production or consider yourself a pro, the apps above can help you make the most of your creation process. Which will you use to create your next favorite song?