Most Affordable Electric Cars 2020

February 13, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


Electric cars are far more affordable than they used to be. In the past, EVs were either expensive or impractical, but the same is not true for electric cars in 2020. Thanks to new technology and some fierce competition, electric vehicles have longer ranges, more power and lower price tags.

A growing number of familiar brands are now pursuing
zero-emission cars. It won’t be long before you can choose from a variety of
EVs from your favorite automaker. It may already be possible.

Here’s a list of some of the most affordable electric
vehicles for 2020.

Smart EQ Fortwo

The Smart EQ Fortwo is the cheapest electric car in America, starting
at $24,527. The name “Fortwo” is accurate, as the miniature vehicle
won’t fit much more than its driver and a single passenger. This tiny size
makes the Fortwo easy to drive and park, but its small battery gives it a
less-than-desirable range of just 58 miles.

If you want a Smart EQ Fortwo, you should act fast,
because the company will stop producing it after this year.

Nissan Leaf

The Fortwo isn’t the only electric car you can get for
less than $30,000. The base model of the Nissan Leaf comes in at $29,990 and
has several variants if you want to pay a little more for extra features. The
Leaf has a 150-mile range, and its performance alternative, the Leaf Plus, can
go 226 miles on a single charge.

This Nissan also comes loaded with safety features like
automatic emergency braking and blind-spot detection.

Hyundai Kona Electric

The Kona is one of the top-rated subcompact SUVs on the
market, and Hyundai released an electric version early last year. Like the
Leaf, the Kona comes with many standard safety features, including lane assist
and forward collision warning. 

The Kona Electric has a range of 258 miles, which is
especially impressive given its $36,950 price tag. From its extended range to
its cargo space to its reliability, the Kona Electric is a viable replacement
for gas-guzzling traditional SUVs.

Volkswagen e-Golf

The e-Golf gives VW’s iconic hatchback the EV treatment.
Its 125-mile range may be less impressive than other EVs, but the e-Golf makes
up for it with noteworthy charging time. It comes standard with DC fast
charging support. Using this option, it can charge up to 80% in just one hour.

Like its gasoline variant, the $31,895 e-Golf offers
impressive handling and acceleration. Despite this, it may not be around for
long. VW has announced a new electric hatchback called the
ID.3 that will likely take its place.

Kia Soul EV

Current models of the Kia Soul EV are stylish, practical
and handle well, but suffer from a shorter, 110-mile range and limited cargo
space. The 2021 model of the Soul EV, however, seeks to fix these issues. It
will more than double its range, going 243 miles on
one charge. 

The new Soul EV, which will also offer improved space and
safety features, was originally going to be a 2020 model, but Kia pushed back
the release date. Kia has not announced a price, but it may be similar to that
of their Niro EV, which starts around $38,000.

Chevrolet Bolt

American carmakers are getting in on the EV trend too. The
Chevrolet Bolt offers a 238-mile range and 200 horsepower for $36,620. For an
extra $750, you can also get a model with DC fast charging, allowing it to
recover 90 miles in half an hour.

The Bolt’s interior is roomy, though perhaps not as
comfortable as similar vehicles. You should also note that General Motors is
phasing out their federal tax credit for electric cars. You may not get as
significant a return with the Bolt as with other vehicles.

Tesla Model 3

It would be a crime to talk about electric cars without
mentioning Tesla. The standard version of the Model 3 costs $35,400 and boasts
a range of 220 miles. For $39,900, you can get the Standard Range Plus, which adds 20 miles and
Tesla’s autopilot feature.

Tesla has packed Model 3 to the brim with features.
Components like video security, collision warning and a 15-inch touch screen
all come standard.

Invest in an Electric Model for 2020

It’s an excellent time to buy an electric car. Many of
these vehicles offer similar prices to their gas counterparts and provide an
impressive range for shorter charging times. 2020 might prove to be the year of
the EV.