Creating a Google Voice Wakeup Call for Android

June 19, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Tired of waking up to the same old alarm every morning? How about getting a Google voice wakeup call instead? After going through a few steps of how to set an alarm on your Android phone that’s actually interesting to listen to, you’ll be getting out of bed on time, ready to start the day, no matter your morning snooze habits.

1. Set Your Alarm by Speaking to the Android Alarm App

One of the easiest ways to get started with a Google voice wakeup call is to go to Android’s Alarm Clock app. Ordinarily, you have to tap the plus sign, then press the on-screen numbers to specify when you want to wake up. However, there’s an easier way.

Activate your Google voice wakeup call by saying “Wake me up at 7:30 tomorrow” or whatever time you want to get roused from slumber. Then, tap Set to confirm. That’s all that’s necessary to get your Android device ready to go.

Keep in mind, though, that the default alarm app only supports voice commands on some Android phones. If yours doesn’t work, go to the Google Play Store and search for an app that mentions voice actions as one of the features.

2. Hear Your Own Voice When Waking Up

Maybe you want your stern voice to convince you it’s time to get up, or you’d rather take a softer approach that involves saying a few words of encouragement. If so, consider using your voice as an alarm clock via a recorded message.

Doing that involves first downloading a file manager app, then a voice recording app. You can get both from the Google Play Store and should be able to find free options.

Start by downloading and launching the voice recording app, then making your alarm message.

Then, open the Alarm app on your Android and go through the steps of setting an alarm manually as you usually would. When choosing the alarm tone from the list, swipe down until you see the name of the file manager you just downloaded. Then, launch that application from the Alarm screen and use it to search for the voice clip.

When you find it, choose that file as your desired alarm noise. After taking that step, you should then hear your voice when the alarm goes off.

3. Wake up to a Tune You Love

Android’s built-in Alarm app allows waking up to an assortment of ringtones or an MP3 of a song. That means instead of using your voice to set an alarm or hearing it as a way to wake up, it’s possible to listen to the familiar sound of a beloved artist.

First, make sure the song you want to use for an alarm exists on your Android. If it doesn’t, transfer it via an external cable or see if it’s sold in the Google Play Store.

Then, launch the Alarm app on your Android and tap the alarm clock icon at the top of the screen. Go through the prompts for setting up an alarm.

Once you create one, there should be a downward arrow underneath the alarm. Tap it and notice the list of potential alarm sounds.

Each one has a radio button next to it, and you’ll probably see ringtones listed first. Scroll down past those to get to the songs on your device. Once you find the one you want, select it and tap OK.

4. Successfully Complete a Task to Turn Off Your Alarm

Many people fumble around to feel their phones on their nightstands and have learned to turn them off without ever opening their eyes. If that’s one of your talents and you’re fed up with oversleeping, it’s worth downloading the I Can’t Wake Up app.

It makes you do things like math equations or memory games before the alarm shuts off. The tasks are meant to wake you up enough that you won’t feel like letting your head hit the pillow again after silencing the alarm.

5. Set an Alarm from Your Google Desktop

If you’re looking to set an alarm but don’t have your Android on you, don’t fret. You can set an alarm easily on your laptop or PC using Google. All you need to do is visit Google, type in “set my alarm for X AM/PM”, add your preferred wake up time in, and Google will provide Android users with a link that will set the alarm on your Android devices. 

6. Change the Length of Your Snooze Timer

Sometimes, the few extra minutes of sleep in the morning is just not enough. We’ve all been there. Thankfully, Android users can set a preferred snooze time, whether that’s five quick minutes or fifteen. 

If you tend to hit the snooze button repeatedly, it may be wise to limit how long your snooze is. The last thing you want is to sleep through the beginning of your work day or get a late start to the morning. 

7. Download a Third-Party Alarm App from the Google Play Store

There are plenty of third-party alarm apps on the Google Play store that you can download for free. Some of the popular apps come with paid features you can purchase to enhance the app. 


For example, AlarmMon forces you to solve a puzzle in the morning to get you out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If the app recognizes you’re still home when you should be out the door, there’s a backup alarm setting you can turn on as well. It’s quite the app!

For heavy sleepers, these third-party apps can be a game-changer. We all struggle with waking up in the morning, but downloading an app that will only turn off when you complete tasks can help make your time waking up a bit easier.

Wakie App for Android

There are also wake up call apps available on Android devices, such as Wakie, where you can set up a wake up call from a stranger. While it may seem peculiar at first, it’s a quirky feature on the app that can connect you to someone, which in turn, will make you more alert and ready to participate in conversations. Who knows, you might even realize receiving those wake up calls could make you a new friend!

Turbo Alarm App

There are some handy features that will help you get out of bed on the Turbo Alarm app. You can turn off your Turbo Alarm in only a few ways: turning on your bedroom light, phone shaking, captcha, drawing, a slider and even a long press. This works for even the heaviest sleepers. 

The Turbo app is completely customizable, allowing you to set incremental alarm volumes, vibration patterns and more. While these features may seem annoying at times, you should use it until you find yourself waking up more easily or hitting the snooze button less frequently.

Be sure to wake up on time by following some of these cool Android alarm tricks. Consider downloading a third-party app from the Google Play Store if you find that the stock alarm on your Android isn’t sufficient.

Get the Most Use Out of Your Android Alarm

Now you know that using the Android alarm on its default settings isn’t required, and you can even create a Google voice wakeup call. These tricks will help you get out of bed on time every day without hearing only one sound for week after week, month after month, and year after year.