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Zac is the Features Editor of ReHack and a fan of all things tech. He specializes in cybersecurity, practical applications of AI, and the overlap between the two. You'll also catch him covering health tech, HR security, compliance, and data privacy, as well as breaking down trending tech news. When he isn't writing, he's trying out the newest gadgets, exploring new locations for cool drone shots, reading his favorite fantasy novels, or eating tacos. (Feel free to ask for recommendations on any of the above.)


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Practical AI

In Practical AI, Zac Amos shares personal tips and well-researched use cases to equip you to use artificial intelligence tools in your personal and professional lives. Whether you're a complete beginner looking to learn about ChatGPT or an industry pro seeking to revolutionize your workflow, Practical AI will help you take your AI skills to the next level.

Thought Leadership in Cybersecurity Automation

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