Find the Best Juicer With These Popular Suggestions

March 31, 2021 • Shannon Flynn

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Juice bars are busy places in many cities, and many people love the idea of getting their fruits and vegetables in a liquid form that’s easy to take on the go. Another perk is that the blended ingredients can encourage you to add things to your diet that you might not like to eat by themselves. 

When you’re ready to make a juice bar’s creations in your kitchen to save money and customize each recipe, here are some of the best juicer options to consider.

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1. Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

Thanks to this juicer’s 800-watt motor and three-inch feed chute, you can insert whole fruits and vegetables and turn them into a drinkable format in seconds. Reduce the time spent preparing the beverage and have more time to enjoy it. 

The included cleaning brush makes maintenance simple, and the dishwasher-safe parts make this juicer fit neatly into your after-meal routine. Plus, the extra-large pulp bin extends the time spent using the appliance before emptying it. Users especially like how easy it is to assemble, use, take apart and store the juicer. 

2. Oster JūsSimple Easy Juice Extractor

When you’re looking for the best juicer that’ll introduce you to drinking fruits and vegetables at home without hassles, try this model from Oster. Besides the 900-watt motor, it offers two speed settings to help you get optimal results when using both soft and harder fruits in your recipes. 

This model also includes a 32-ounce juice pitcher that helps you share your creations with friends or put the container directly into the refrigerator to enjoy the beverage later. A mesh-coated filter cuts down your cleaning time by reducing the necessary scrubbing to prepare it for the next use.

3. Breville the Juice Fountain® Compact

This model’s sleek build could make it the best juicer available for someone trying to account for the lack of free countertop space in a kitchen. Users love the juice’s consistency and appreciate how easy it is to assemble and clean this juicer. 

A mesh filter extracts the juice quickly, and the feed chute is wide enough for whole fruits. An included jug to hold the freshly made beverage has an integrated froth separator to give you better results when pouring the liquid into a glass. 

4. BELLA 13694 High-Power Juice Extractor

If you’ve concluded that the best juicer for you must have a motor that can easily stand up to all your beverage-making, try this 1000-watt option with two speed settings. The anti-skid feet keep the appliance steady while juicing, and the locking clamp on the stainless steel casing stops spills. 

Put the detachable parts into the dishwasher, and use the recipe book to get inspiration during the early stages of at-home juicing. Users love the easy cleanup provided by the thoughtful design, and they frequently feel impressed by how the machine tackles so many fruits and vegetables without issues. 

5. Omega J8006HDS Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System

While researching to find the best juicer for your needs, you’ll notice that there are centrifugal and masticating types. The first category features juicers that spin the contents rapidly to get the desired results. In contrast, a masticating — or slow — juicer has a turning screw that presses the machine’s contents against a screen to make juice.

This juicer is that second kind. Some people believe masticating juicers extract more nutrients, but that’s debatable. 

Besides offering three pressure settings for the auger, this juicer has a 15-year warranty for consumers in the United States and Canada. Wondering what the “nutrition system” part of the name means?

This machine can become part of more recipes than you might think. It makes nut butter, baby food and sorbet, plus it can mince garlic and grind coffee and spices. 

6. Hurom H101 Easy Clean Slow Juicer

The elongated grooves on this appliance’s strainer arguably make it the best juicer if you hate the thought of going through a time-consuming cleaning process after making a beverage. The design allows getting rid of fruit and vegetable remnants by rinsing the parts under a faucet rather than scrubbing them. 

You can adjust a setting to control how much pulp your beverage contains. Since the pulp outlet has a 180-degree opening, it’s easy to remove all the remaining bits after each use. People frequently comment that this juicer offers delicious results and quiet operation, plus looks stylish. 

List Your Must-Have Features for a Smoother Shopping Experience

The six juicers here earned consistently high user ratings, so you can feel confident about purchasing them. However, the features of the best juicer for you might differ from what others prioritize. Before continuing with your buying process, consider ranking the aspects mentioned here and others. 

Is it more important to own an easy-to-clean model or one with an ultra-compact design? Figuring out those specifics should help you feel more satisfied with your purchase overall.