Internet Service Providers in Huntington

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An internet connection is necessary in today’s digital world. Whether you’ve just moved or simply want to switch services, you’ll need to find the right plan for you. Fortunately, there are many great internet service providers in Huntington, West Virginia.

Internet Providers Near Me in Huntington

There are plenty of residential internet service providers in Huntington to choose from:

  • Frontier
  • Xfinity 
  • HughesNet
  • T-Mobile
  • EarthLink
  • Viasat
  • Verizon
  • Optimum
  • ArxWeb

Remember, these internet providers’ coverage areas might be smaller than expected — they might only cover one side of the city. Double-check their availability before researching them to make the process more convenient. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Huntington

Here are the internet service providers’ starting prices from lowest to highest:

  1. Xfinity ($25/month)
  2. ArxWeb ($35/month)
  3. Optimum ($40/month)
  4. Viasat ($49.99/month)
  5. HughesNet ($49.99/month)
  6. EarthLink ($54.95/month)
  7. Frontier ($59.99/month)
  8. T-Mobile ($60/month)
  9. Verizon ($60/month)

You should expect to pay anywhere from $45 to $90 for a typical plan. On average, residents spend slightly over $60 monthly to get at least 60 Mbps. While many of the internet service providers in Huntington have lower starting prices, most don’t offer price locks.

If affordability is your priority, browse deals — many internet providers offer discounts to draw customers. For example, Frontier offers a 1 gig plan for $64.99 for one year if you enroll in autopay. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Huntington

You’re in luck — multiple internet service providers in Huntington offer gigabit connections. Xfinity, Earthlink, Optimum and Frontier use fiber, meaning they each provide 1 Gbps. For most people, that’s more than enough speed. However, there are even faster plans.

Xfinity provides 1.2 Gbps, which is usually noticeably faster than 1 Gbps. Earthlink offers up to 2 Gbps at $159.95 for one year if you want something even better. While you’d have to spend more than the average Huntington resident, the speed might be worth it.

Frontier has every other internet provider beat with its 5 Gbps plan. If you’re willing to spend $154.99 per month — $164.99 after one year — you can get a staggering 5,000 Mbps. Usually, this speed is best for homes where livestreaming, graphic rendering, telecommuting or artificial intelligence development are everyday activities. 

What Is the Average Internet Speed in West Virginia?

Since fiber is slowly becoming more common in West Virginia, the average internet connection is becoming faster. As of January 2024, Huntington residents get 281 Mbps download speeds and 23 Mbps upload speeds. You can use these numbers as a baseline to guide your research. 

Does West Virginia Have Fiber Internet?

West Virginia does have fiber internet — although it’s not widely available. Frontier, EarthLink, Optimum and Xfinity offer it in Huntington. Consider using one of these providers if you want a high-speed connection and reliable service. 

How Can I Get Good Internet in Rural Areas?

Living in a rural area means your options are limited. Still, getting a reliable, fast connection is possible. Since there are plenty of internet service providers in Huntington, you have more connection types and overlapping coverage areas than the average person. 

Your best bet is fiber because it provides equal upload and download speeds. It also rarely goes down because weather and temperature don’t affect it as much. Frontier, Xfinity, Optimum and Earthlink offer this connection type.  

The downside to fiber is that it’s in demand and expensive to install — meaning it’s usually only available in metropolitan areas. While a satellite connection is noticeably slower, it is available almost everywhere and is relatively reliable. HughesNet offers this option. 

Pick the Internet Provider That’s Right for You

Once you have a good idea of what the internet service providers in Huntington offer, you can make an informed decision. Remember to research contract lengths, price locks, discounts and uptime to ensure you get the best value out of your service.

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