Internet Service Providers in Richmond

Richmond Internet Service Providers

Richmond, Virginia is home to more than 226,000 people and has a variety of internet service providers available to meet their needs. If you already call Richmond home or are planning to move into the area in the near future, take the time to check out the internet service providers in Richmond to help you find the best fit for you. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Richmond

Around 96% of the city has access to multiple wired providers, so residents will have different internet service options to choose from based on their budget and interests. 

Xfinity offers both cable and fiber internet, though the fiber is limited to  about 0.2% of the city. Verizon’s DSL offers fiber connections to about 85% of the city. Viasat and HughesNet are both available as satellite internet options. T-Mobile Home Internet’s fixed wireless setup offers service to about 28% of the city.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Richmond

If you’re looking for affordability, Xfinity will be the best choice. Xfinity is the only company available in Richmond that offers a starter plan for $29.99 a month with speeds up to 25 Mbps. 

Verizon’s DSL plans start at $39.99 a month, with speeds starting at 3 Mbps. HughesNet’s starting plan costs $59.99 a month for speeds up to 25 Mbps. Richmond might not be the most affordable city to establish internet service in, but there are options available for you to consider on different budgets.

High-Speed Internet Options in Richmond

Internet service providers in Richmond might not be the most affordable, but if you’re looking for speed, there are multiple great options. If you have access to Xfinity’s fiber in your neighborhood, it offers speeds up to 3,000 Mbps. 

Those who don’t have access to Xfinity’s limited fiber can utilize the company’s cable network, reaching speeds up to 1,200 Mbps. Verizon’s DSL network offers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps. The satellite options, Viasat and HughesNet, are much slower, only offer speeds up to 100 Mbps and 25 Mbps respectively.

Is Fios Available in Richmond?

Yes, Verizon’s fiber-optic Fios internet is available in the Richmond area, offering coverage for upwards of 85% of the city. Verizon offers four different internet plans, including Fios, advertising that their Fios service generates enough bandwidth to support up to 100 different devices. This bandwidth is a bit excessive for individual homeowners, but for business owners who might be working with dozens of devices on a daily basis, it’s the perfect option. 

How Many Internet Providers Provide Service in Richmond?

There are many plans to choose from in the Richmond area, but not all of them provide residential services. As of now, there are 17 internet providers in Richmond, with seven offering coverage for residential customers. There are also different types of internet infrastructure, with DSL, cable, fiber, and satellite internet available within the city limits.

Which Provider Offers the Best Internet Service in Richmond?

Different service providers are available to best meet your needs. For basic internet service, Xfinity is the best deal with their plans starting at $29.99 per month. If you’re looking for speed, Verizon’s Fios fiber internet is your best option. Xfinity’s fiber might be faster, but its availability is limited, so more customers will have access to Verizon.

Looking Forward

Whether your priority is cost, speed or availability, there are options for everyone in Richmond. Take a look at the internet service providers in Richmond and see what might be available for your address. 

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