Internet Service Providers in Mount Pleasant

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Did you recently move to South Carolina? Or are you just tired of your current internet provider? If you need to switch, review all of the internet service providers in Mount Pleasant before deciding on one. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Mount Pleasant

Whatever your reasons for switching providers, you have a handful of great options. Here are all of the residential internet service providers in Mount Pleasant:

  • Xfinity 
  • HughesNet
  • Viasat
  • EarthLink
  • AT&T

Double-check each provider’s availability before getting your heart set on any. Even though they technically service Mount Pleasant, they may have a coverage gap in your neighborhood. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Mount Pleasant

You’re in luck if affordability is your priority. Here are popular internet service providers in Mount Pleasant from the least to most expensive:

  1. Xfinity ($20/month)
  2. EarthLink ($49.95/month)
  3. AT&T ($60/month)
  4. Viasat ($69.99/month)
  5. HughesNet ($74.99/month)

The average Mount Pleasant resident pays $60 per month for at least 50 Mbps, so these prices are right where they should be. If you want to spend less, check out the internet providers’ websites to see if they offer special deals or discounts. 

Remember, speed is an important factor when you’re reviewing costs. While Xfinity’s $70 plan gives you 800 Mbps, Viasat’s $70 plan only gives you 25 Mbps. Carefully check each provider’s plans to calculate their value.

High-Speed Internet Options in Mount Pleasant

South Carolina has extensive fiber and cable connections, so most residents get decently fast internet. In Mount Pleasant, the average person gets 220 Mbps download speeds and 29 Mbps upload speeds. Even if you want something faster, you have options.

AT&T, EarthLink and Xfinity all offer at least 300 Mbps. Each one provides up to 1 Gbps if you crave something absurdly fast. Their prices vary, but you should expect to pay between $80 to $100 monthly. If you’re still unsatisfied, consider Xfinity’s 1.2 Gbps plan for $85 per month.  

What Is the Best Internet Provider in Mount Pleasant?

The “best” internet provider should offer reliable, fast service. Also, they should provide fantastic customer service, avoid hidden fees and handle complaints promptly. While many internet service providers in Mount Pleasant fit this criteria, AT&T stands out.

AT&T is exceptionally reliable. In 2022, it had 99.5% uptime — meaning outages accounted for 0.5% of the entire year’s service. You can thank its fiber-optic connection — it’s more stable than satellite and 25 times faster than cable. 

More importantly, people enjoy dealing with the company. According to a satisfaction survey, American consumers rated AT&T number one out of all other listed internet providers in 2021. Apparently, its service, speed, reliability and trustworthiness were outstanding.

What Type of Internet Connection Is Best for Rural Areas?

People who live in rural areas should prioritize reliability above all else. While speed is great, having slow internet is better than having no internet. DSL is often the best option for rural areas because it doesn’t require a complex installation process. Plus, it’s typically faster than satellite. 

Satellite offers the best coverage, but it can be frustratingly slow. Fiber experiences a similar issue — it’s the fastest connection type you can get, but its coverage is limited. However, multiple internet service providers in Mount Pleasant offer fiber. It might be your best choice if it’s an option for you. 

What’s a Good Internet Speed for Home Use?

A “good” internet speed depends on the number of people and internet-connected devices in your home. According to the FCC, streaming high-quality video on one device takes up 5-25 Mbps on average — you can see how quickly it adds up.

Simultaneously streaming shows, browsing social media, messaging friends and downloading files take up a lot of bandwidth. If it’s just you, 50-150 Mbps will likely be fine. You’ll probably need at least 150 Mbps if you live with others or use multiple devices at once. 

Pick the Internet Provider That’s Right for You

Before you pick one of the internet service providers in Mount Pleasant, consider reviewing their offers and discounts to see which aligns with your needs. Double-check their prices and terms before signing a contract to make sure you’re getting what you think you are.

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