Internet Service Providers in Warwick

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The Ocean State is tiny but mighty, and the same goes for internet service providers in Warwick.  There are around 82,000 people who need reliable, high-speed internet. Can you get it there? Learn about the most trusted ISPs in Rhode Island’s second-most populated city behind its capital, Providence. 

Internet Providers Near Me in Warwick

Fortunately, there are numerous ISPs in Warwick, but not too many to cause decision fatigue. These are the most popular ISP options for people living in Warwick:

  • Viasat
  • HughesNet
  • EarthLink
  • Starlink
  • Cox Communications
  • AlwaysON
  • Crown Castle
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile

Multiple connectivity options are available across providers, from fiber to traditional cable.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Warwick

The monthly bill can be the tipping point between one provider and another. Top-performing speeds may not be necessary, though there are plenty of ISPs providing adequate speeds for reasonable prices, including:

High-Speed Internet Options in Warwick

Lightning-fast speeds are also easy to come by in Warwick. Some offer speeds between 300-500 Mbps, but these providers have faster, more impressive fiber plans:

  • Verizon Fios: 940 Mbps for $79.99 monthly or $64.99 with auto-pay and select phone plans
  • Cox Communications: 1 Gbps for $79.99 monthly

How Do I Find the Right Internet Provider?

Determining the right ISP for your Warwick home requires you to consider your reasons for getting it in the first place. How do you usually spend time online? People who work remotely or regularly stream multiplayer video games need more Mbps than those who use the internet for research, word processing and streaming Netflix.

You should also consider your budget but pair this with the ISP’s reputation. It might be worth paying $5 a month more for the same speeds from another company if their customer service is better regarded or if they have more experience serving people in the area.

Which Is the Best Internet for Rural Areas?

Despite Rhode Island’s size, it features all topographies, including urban, suburban, and rural regions on and off the coast. Warwick is not the state’s most rural city, but Kent and Washington counties to the west and southwest are not far away. Touching rural land takes less than an hour, so what should people nearby Warwick choose for an ISP?

HughesNet is known nationwide for serving rural areas with satellite internet. Viasat and T-Mobile are other great options. If you live outside Warwick, you’ll want to scope out any provider with satellite or fixed wireless options for consistency and accessibility. You may not get the speeds that fiber internet promises, but there will be enough of a steady connection to work and browse within reason.

Who Has the Best Wi-Fi in Warwick?

Verizon and Cox Communications are the best options for Warwick residents because of their variety and affordability. They have the most plan choices to pick from for similar costs. Verizon has a slight edge if you’re looking to bundle internet with other services, like your mobile bill, because it knocks the internet price down to a more competitive range.

However, choosing the best ISP in Warwick also comes with personal preferences. One might be the best in the area because of high reviews or tenure working with the population and the city’s infrastructure. Deciding on an objective ISP champion in Warwick could come down to speed, availability or price, but it will ultimately boil down to experience with the business.

Internet Service Providers in Warwick

Warwick’s view of the Providence River makes it an enticing place to reside, which has attracted so many internet options for residents. With varying speeds and prices to pick from, there are providers to fit every niche and need.

Internet Service Providers in Rhode Island by City