Internet Service Providers in Columbus

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The low cost of living and high employment rate in Columbus, Ohio, influences a population spike. As more residents and businesses move into the state, the demand for reliable and accessible Wi-Fi increases. Many residents of Ohio rely on the top internet service providers in Columbus to support their modern lifestyles.

Internet Service Providers in Columbus Near Me

One of the highest-rated internet service providers in Columbus is AT&T. The company’s service reaches nearly 91.84% of consumers in the city. It also distributes Wi-Fi using a digital subscriber line (DSL) connection.

Spectrum is another highly regarded service provider in Columbus. It reaches about 98.02% of the city, delivering accessible Wi-Fi. The company distributes the internet to consumers using a fiber connection.

HughesNet also delivers internet services to consumers in the city. The company is less efficient than other providers in the area because it only achieves a 6.46% availability rate. It also distributes Wi-Fi to residents and companies using a satellite connection.

Viasat is another provider in Columbus with lower availability rates. The provider only reaches about 4.91% of consumers. Like HughesNet, Viasat distributes internet throughout the city using a satellite connection.

CenturyLink additionally provides residents and businesses in Ohio with Wi-Fi. The provider only reaches 0.01% of the city, however. It delivers internet services to consumers using fiber, DSL and fixed wireless connections.

Earthlink also offers service in Columbus. It reaches about 32% of the city, achieving higher efficiency rates than other companies. Earthlink distributes Wi-Fi to consumers using a fiber connection, like Spectrum.

Another popular internet service provider in the city is WOW! The company reaches about 61.37% of Columbus and uses a fiber connection to deliver Wi-Fi to consumers. A few additional providers also distribute internet to a portion of Columbus.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Columbus

One of the most cost-effective internet providers in Columbus is AT&T. The company offers Wi-Fi packages starting at $35 a month. EarthLink is the next most affordable provider in the city, delivering plans from $49.95 a month.

HughesNet, WOW! and Spectrum provide internet packages starting at $49.99 on average. T-Mobile and Viasat offer the most expensive plans, beginning at $50 a month.

High-Speed Internet Options in Columbus

T-Mobile reaches nearly 115 Megabits-per-second (Mbps) downloading speeds. One of the internet service providers with the fastest downloading rates is Spectrum. The company achieves a 1,000 Mbps download rate on average.

WOW! also reaches downloading speeds of 1,000 Mbps, making it a suitable provider for residents and businesses. Earthlink is one of the next fastest Wi-Fi distributors, reaching 940 Mbps. AT&T additionally reaches 940 Mbps.

After T-Mobile, the fourth fastest provider is Viasat. The company reaches 100 Mbps download rates. Bresco Broadband is one of the slower providers in Columbus at 50 Mbps.

HughesNet is one of the slowest internet providers in the city, achieving 25 Mbps download rates. It is also a more affordable Wi-Fi option for residential and commercial consumers.

How Many Internet Providers Offer Service in Columbus?

Frontier is one internet provider that distributes services using fiber, DSL and copper connections. The company is less transparent, restricting consumers from viewing its availability rates. Windstream also provided residents with internet services using fiber, cable, DSL and copper connections.

Bresco Broadband also delivers Wi-Fi to residents and commercial consumers in Columbus. The company reaches about 64 different zip codes in and around the city. It uses DSL and fiber to provide individuals with the internet.

T-Mobile is another internet provider in the area that only distributes services to residential consumers. The company effectively supports individuals’ Wi-Fi needs by providing high-speed packages.

Is AT&T the Cheapest Internet Provider In Columbus?

AT&T offers the most affordable Wi-Fi plans in the city, helping various individuals and companies access reliable services.

Which Provider Offers the Best Internet Service in Columbus?

AT&T is the top internet provider in Columbus. The company reaches a large portion of the city, delivers high-speed services and has the most cost-effective plans. Residents and business owners that access their Wi-Fi from AT&T receive the most reliable and efficient service.

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