Internet Service Providers in Albuquerque

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Are you a current or soon-to-be resident of Albuquerque looking to upgrade your WiFi? You’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Here’s a quick rundown of the internet service providers in Albuquerque.

Internet Providers Near Me in Albuquerque

As New Mexico’s urban hub, Albuquerque is home to many internet service providers (ISPs). Connectivity speed is essential, but remember to consider elements such as connection type, customer service and coverage area. The most popular ISPs in Albuquerque include:

  • Xfinity
  • CenturyLink 
  • Viasat
  • Hughesnet 
  • Cyber Mesa Telecom
  • ispMint
  • CityLink Telecommunications
  • NMSurf
  • Lobo Internet Services
  • Cibola Wireless 

Depending on where you reside in the city, you might only be able to get internet from some providers. Ask around your neighborhood to better understand what companies have reliable services in your area.

Cheapest Internet Providers in Albuquerque

From a cost-only perspective, Xfinity and NMSurf are the cheapest internet providers in Albuquerque. Xfinity’s Internet Essentials Plus plan starts at $9.95 monthly for 50 Mbps. NMSurf’s residential internet plans start at $39.99 per month for 25 Mbps. You’ll also need to pay a $150 installation fee to mount the antenna on the parapet of your home.

Pricing for internet service plans typically depends on the type of connectivity you want. For example, fiber-optic is generally more expensive than cable and DSL connections, but it’s much faster.

High-Speed Internet Options in Albuquerque

Speed is essential when selecting an ISP. The good news is Albuquerque is home to fast internet connections. Tests by Ookla show a median download speed of 209.29 Mbps in the city in 2023. Using this as a benchmark, Xfinity, CenturyLink and T-Mobile are high-speed internet service providers in Albuquerque, as they’re the only ones whose speed options exceed the median rate.

Xfinity offers speeds up to 1,200 Mbps, making it the fastest commercially available ISP in the state. CenturyLink’s 200 Mbps comes in second and NMSurf’s 100 Mbps is third, according to

How Much Does Internet Cost in Albuquerque?

For standard home internet service, expect to pay anywhere from $19.99 to $120 or higher, depending on the speed and connectivity type. In terms of speed, 5–40 Mbps is generally adequate for simple activities like checking email, regular browsing and video calling.

However, these speeds can limit your web or app experience. A minimum of 100 Mbps is a more realistic target for the typical city resident.

What Is the Cheapest Internet in New Mexico?

Xfinity’s $9.95/month Internet Essentials plan appears to be the cheapest service in the state. The plan offers decent speeds of up to 50 Mbps, plus you get access to low-cost computers and free web training.

Keep in mind budget is one of many considerations here. For instance, a $25/month plan might seem cheap, but if you do a lot of HD streaming alongside four other residents, it will cost you more in lag and downtime frequencies. 

It makes more sense to determine what you’ll need the internet for and how many people will use it first. Then, look at the available plans and select the most economical speed-to-price option. 

Is Fiber Available in Albuquerque?

CenturyLink is one of the leading fiber internet service providers in Albuquerque. It may not be the fastest, but its direct-to-home fiber network is 20 times faster than cable.

Best Internet Service Providers in Albuquerque

When choosing an internet service, getting it right from the start is always best. You don’t want to get all tangled up in refunds and switching hassles down the road. Consider all these factors and choose the ISP for your current and future requirements.

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