Internet Service Providers in Overland Park

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Buying internet in Overland Park? You have options. In addition to many of the major ISPs that serve most of the country, you also have access to ultra-fast Google Fiber, satellite internet and fixed wireless.

These are the internet service providers that offer coverage to Overland Park, Kansas.

Internet providers near me in Overland Park

Around 10 to 18 total ISPs serve Overland Park, though not every provider will offer service to all addresses in the city. 

The major ISPs in Overland Park include Xfinity, AT&T, Google Fiber, Charter Spectrum, CenturyLink and EarthLink. The Kansas local provider KwiKom Communications also serves the city, as well as regional ISP Consolidated Communications.

All of these providers offer 1,000 megabit-per-second plans, also known as “gigabit plans.” 

You also have access to the two major satellite internet providers, HughesNet and ViaSat. Fixed wireless is available through T-Mobile Internet, Ultra Home Internet, Packet Layer and Wisper ISP. However, both T-Mobile and Ultra Home only provide service to less than half of the city.

Cheapest internet providers in Overland Park

Prices for all internet providers in the area will vary depending on the speed of your plan and the type of internet they offer. 

Google Fiber offers the cheapest service in the area with a $30 per month plan that offers 100 Mbps download speeds.

AT&T offers plans starting at $55 per month for 200 Mbps down. Charter Spectrum offers a $50 per month plan also with 200 Mbps down. CenturyLink also starts at $50 per month for a 100 Mbps plan, and EarthLink starts at $50 per month for a 50 Mbps plan.

If you want the cheapest available internet plan in your area, Google Fiber’s $30 plan will likely be right for you. Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $50 a month, no matter what provider you choose. 

However, the speed of these entry-level plans can vary significantly from provider to provider.

High-speed internet options in Overland Park

In addition to being the cheapest provider, Google also offers the fastest internet in the area. For $90 a month, you can buy a 2 Gbps plan from Google, with speeds twice that of the gigabit plan that Google also offers. 

Otherwise, most major ISPs in the area offer gigabit internet, though they may not provide this service to every address in the city. 

Satellite and fixed wireless providers are going to be similarly slow, but almost all plans in the area will provide download speeds faster than 25 Mbps and qualify as “high-speed internet.”

Is Xfinity available in Overland Park, KS?

Xfinity does offer coverage to some, but not all, of Overland Park. You can check to see if your address is covered by navigating to Xfinity’s website and clicking the “Shop internet speeds” button. 

Once prompted, you can enter your address and the site will tell you if Xfinity offers service where you live.

What is the fastest internet provider in Kansas?

Where you can get it, Google Fiber offers the fastest internet in Kansas. Those living outside of urban areas may not have access to the service, however. 

In most areas, either Google Fiber or a major ISP — like AT&T, Xfinity, Spectrum or CenturyLink — will provide the fastest available speeds.

Is Google Fiber free?

Google Fiber isn’t free, but it may be the cheapest service available in your area. At the very least, you shouldn’t expect to pay any significantly more than what other providers are asking for in your area. 

In Overland Park, Google Fiber should cost anywhere between $30 and $90 per month, depending on the speed of the plan you purchase.

Look for These Providers in Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park residents have access to a range of providers, including ultra-fast internet from Google Fiber. No matter what kind of internet you need, however — whether that’s cable, fixed wireless, fiber or satellite internet — you should be able to find it in Overland Park.

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