Internet Service Providers in Columbus

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How can you make sure you find the perfect internet service provider in Columbus, GA? These tips will help. Columbus has some great ISPs to choose from, but the right one will depend on your specific location and usage. Learn about the internet service providers in  Columbus to determine your best choice.

Internet Providers Near Me in Columbus, GA

There are six main internet service providers in Columbus, each offering slightly different connection types and monthly rates. Mediacom and Spectrum offer cable internet service, and AT&T, EarthLink and Windstream offer DSL connections. AT&T and EarthLink also have limited fiber-optic availability. 

Viasat is the main satellite ISP in Columbus. Some providers and service types are not available in certain areas of Columbus. Rural addresses further away from the city center may be limited to DSL or satellite service. 

Cheapest Internet Providers in Columbus

Columbus’s most affordable internet service options vary depending on location and connection type. Mediacom is a great option for most residents. It’s available to around 80% of the area and offers high-speed cable connections starting at $29.99 per month. This is fast enough to fit most users’ needs, especially with Mediacom’s max download speed of 1,000 Mbps. 

DSL service from AT&T is also a very affordable option, starting at $30 per month. It’s ideal in places where cable connections are unavailable, such as rural areas, but DSL service is slower than cable. AT&T’s option only has a download speed range of 10 to 75 Mbps. Anything over 25 Mbps should be more than enough for the average internet user, though. 

High-Speed Internet Options in Columbus

For the fastest internet in Columbus, you will want to look for a provider that offers max download speeds of 1,000 Mbps or more at your address. AT&T’s fiber-optic connection is a great choice, starting at $40 per month. Fiber-optic service is not widely available yet in most of the U.S., but there is some availability in Columbus. For those in need of blazing fast internet, fiber-optic service is the way to go. If AT&T is not available at your specific Columbus address, try EarthLink’s fiber-optic service instead, which offers comparable max download speeds. 

If fiber-optic service is not an option for you, Columbus has other high-speed options that will work great, as well. Mediacom’s cable connection has a max download speed of 1,000 Mbps at only $29.99 per month. 

Even rural Columbus residents can get access to fast internet. EarthLink has a quality DSL option and Windstream offers service with a max download speed of 1,000 Mbps.

Who Has the Best Internet Service in Columbus?

Columbus has a high-quality internet service provider for every type of user in the area. While high download speeds indicate fast internet, not everyone needs 1,000 Mbps. Consider how much speed you actually need and use this as a baseline to compare service providers. 

Mediacom is the best choice for most Columbus residents. Its cable service is widely available with high speeds at an affordable price. AT&T is a good choice for those in need of DSL service, with Windstream and EarthLink as additional high-quality alternatives. 
Different types of connections have various features and hardware. While fiber-optic connections are the fastest available, cable is more than quick enough for most people’s needs. Fiber-optic internet uses light pulses sent through optical cables to transmit data, while cable uses wires to connect users. DSL uses existing phone lines to connect to the internet. This may be preferable to some rural users since it does not require a satellite antenna.

Internet Service Providers in Georgia by City